if you would keep your spirits up

Happy Friday! Rich arrived home early today and I’m sitting at the table while he reads his Lincoln book, which he bought in Washington D.C., right next to me.

I have a chicken simmering on the stove with onion, two bay leaves, & salt and pepper in chicken stock. Soon I will make chicken and homemade biscuits.

If Josephina sees this post, yes I’m blogging the photos I just texted you.

It’s been a nice day despite the darkness and rainstorms.

I went for a walk before the rains began. I listened to a podcast while soaking in everything around me, including this bright pink seed…….so pretty. It’s still in my coat pocket waiting to be glued into my nature journal.

early morning face happy to be outside in the fresh air

This is what a pinecone looks like after it has been in the road and frequently ran over with many tires. The children’s art teacher used them (representing Christmas trees) to glue on her homemade Christmas cards one year, and even decorated them with tiny sequins and glitter. So I always think of her when I see them. This is in my pocket, still, too.

I went and had my hair done with Amy today and took an “after” photo right before driving to Barnes and Noble……….

……where I saw this big book of inspiration (did not purchase because I already have three FLOW books for Paper Lovers which will take me at least 25 years to use up, so I took a picture of this because they are copying Flow’s idea and just had to show Jo……..I looked through it and it’s almost exactly the same concept.

“……Henry David Thoreau recognized the redemptive value of exposing oneself to harsh winter: ‘Take long walks in stormy weather or through deep snows in the fields and woods, if you would keep your spirits up. Deal with brute nature. Be cold and hungry and weary.”

Reading this almost had me going BACK outside for a walk this afternoon in the rain (I mean, I would have taken an umbrella……..)

Journal Prompts from a magazine

I left the bookstore with a coffee, a piece of quiche and a new paperback. I drove to home sweet home in the rain.

Whilst listening to uplifting Christian music on K-Love.

Cozied up with my new book (number 2 in the series)……

…..and a pretty kitty.

But, as luck would have it, and moms everywhere can relate, as soon as my eyes got tired and I started to think about taking a little nap, son Caleb called. “Mom, are you at home? Could you please bring me my hoodie and my white football jersey?”

Yes, son, and I’ll bring you a bag of food, too.

All of these things kept my spirits up.

Now, off to make chicken and biscuits for my family….it’s gonna be a good dinner…stop on by!


You are loved.

7 thoughts on “if you would keep your spirits up

  1. Your hair looks nice. Thanks for sharing some of your life. This morning I went to get my drivers license renewed and had to stand and sit in long lines. Then went to a very busy grocery store and also some thrift stores and could not wait to get back home to my own (comparatively) quiet house!!

  2. Shanda,

    I still have the Christmas ornament made from the crushed pine cone. I hang it every year and it reminds me of the precious times I had the privilege of spending with our children. I love that you picked one up to save. Think of you often! Sending my love.

  3. Thank you for allowing me in! I found the notification in my spam folder. I have missed reading your blog posts!!

    Your hair looks very nice. 🙂

    I love the Thoreau quote. I think he and I are kindred spirits. I get him. 🙂

    (I had to look up Flow Book. I had never heard of it before.) I’m really in to journals and journaling lately. The prompts are interesting.

    Thank you for sharing you day!

  4. Your hair turned out lovely. I love that quote and always feel better having been outside even if it was cold. It makes you appreciate the warmth of the home more as well as the feeling of being closed in from the elements. Taking a walk can turn cabin fever into thankfulness:):)
    Can you do a post about your nature journal? I would love to start one! Can you show us how you do yours?

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