a saturday in late october

Happy Saturday! Besides being a taxi service for our son Caleb, who required two back and forth rides to town for football and band, Rich and I got some stuff done together. We went to our favorite farm store for meat and eggs and to the hardware store for tools to work outside.

Then, we forced our reluctant children help us work on the side flower beds by the driveway and I took my camera outside just for the fun of it. Don’t worry, I was working, too. Working and directing the reluctant children.

Seth did some weeding and fixed the rock border.

He found a salamander under a rock.

And a worm.

And then a bee landed on him and I made him hold still because it “won’t sting you if you just stand quietly. It was difficult for him because the bee seemed to like him and didn’t fly away for about a minute and Seth almost couldn’t stand the tickling.


Dave and Caleb

Rich was in a zone pruning the peach tree.

I always stay alert so I can stop him before the trees and shrubs he prunes are completely gone.

Sarah didn’t do anything but take some branches away to play with her animals. She and Seth play this so often that I finally made up a very silly “theme song” for them called “Animal Land”.

The boys wanted to know why Sarah wasn’t helping and I said because she’s a princess but that wasn’t the real reason. It was really because I had enough trouble with the three boys to try to add another one to the mix.

Sadly, when Caleb took away her branches later they lost the dog named Skye. The one Seth JUST got at the hardware store an hour earlier. So now that’s part of the story line……….tears were shed and they looked for him, but he still wasn’t found. I wonder where he will turn up. Maybe he ran back to the store?

The other person besides Sarah who was no help was Parker the Dog. He did a little sniffing around and that was it. No bones.

I did a lot of weeding and also got stung by the same kind of bee that was on Seth. I think it’s a yellow jacket? They were attracted to an old can of peaches that I had dumped over the porch railing the other day (very convenient to dump old food outside over the porch railing). I was violently stung just a couple inches above my underarm and it HURT SO SO BAD. I burned my finger yesterday and have an oozing blister the size of a pea on it and now a bee sting on a very sensitive part of my arm that still hurts! I asked Rich to take me to the ER but he said no. I’m not allergic to bees. But at least I look cute. “Saturdays are for overalls”. Rich found my sunglasses for me today when he went to move my car. They are new from Eddie Bauer and I had promptly misplaced them. He found them in the car stuck in the crack of the drivers seat. I’ve been sitting on them for a week?

David and Seth moved wood to the porch for winter time fires.

Back in the house…..Sherlock found a new place to sleep….

I roasted sausages and vegetables for an early supper.

And since the oven was on, I made peanut butter swirl brownies (Seth photo bombed).

While they were baking Rich and I had to go downtown to pick up Caleb. I got nervous about my brownies what with the burned bread the other day and when we got home I startled the dog by running into the house crying “my brownies!my brownies!” He jumped up off the floor and practically ran in circles wondering “what was wrong with Mom now?” I laughed so hard at his reaction to me that I said, while taking the brownies from the oven, “I almost peed my pants!” Rich said, “I think Parker DID pee!”

The brownies were baked PERFECT. What a relief.

The peanut butter part is cheesecake! Sooooo good. I asked had David if he wanted them, or regular brownies, or chocolate chip cookie bars. He picked these. Ethan likes them, too.

So does Caleb. Caleb, Seth, and Sarah cut into them while they were piping hot and went right outside in the cool air with them.

“Did you guys bring your fiesta plates back in the house?”

“I did,” said Seth.

“I did,” said Sarah.

Rich is going through photos because his work requested some for a slideshow they are putting together for him next week. I’m sitting next to him blogging and when we are done we are going upstairs to rearrange Seth’s room because the window by his bed broke and we have to cover it up until the new window arrives.

Guess what?? The two of us are going on a little trip tomorrow. Stay tuned! I’m very excited about it and will take my camera along so I can properly document each moment.

You are loved.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. I’m so very thankful. xo


13 thoughts on “a saturday in late october

  1. Seth photo bombing the brownies made me laugh out loud. He is growing up but his face is still so cute!! Prob. better than the brownies, although I think I gained a couple pounds just thinking about them. And you look pretty hot in overalls. Sarah

  2. The overalls are SO cute on you. My friend was also stung by a bee on Saturday…‘tis the season?!? Those brownies look delicious and I am inspired to make a sheet pan dinner tonight after seeing those sausages and veggies! Have a blessed week sweet Shanda.❤️

  3. I think it’s great you asked the kids to help!! :). Those brownies look wonderful. And it’s so nice to see you back here, missed your blogs!

  4. hi shanda…….i just love saturdays when the family is all working together around the yard and can enjoy good food and good company all at the same time 🥰. what a satisfying day!

  5. A broken window? Good grief!!!! Sounds like a lot got accomplished outside. We still have all that pre winter prep to do. Being ill, the weather, and a birthday have not helped.

  6. Do you ever wonder why we need to own so many things that need to be maintained? Oh I know … cause we don’t live alone . But everyone else thinks mom does and she should do the work herself :):)

  7. You DO look cute. 🙂 Yellow Jacket stings are the worst!!

    I can’t believe how fast your children are growing…and I’m not the mom…just the blog reader. I love the old blog posts showing at the bottoms of your posts. I haven’t read any yet, but I love seeing the old pics. I was even reading your blog way back when some of those posts were made. Time flies so fast. 😦

    • It does fly. It must be the better way for us because, after all, it is the way God planned life for us. The yellow jacket sting took quite a while to heal, it was so itchy and swollen that Rich went and got me some cream which I think helped it. The old posts are a gift from me to the children (and you and other readers) they make me laugh and ……..cry a little sometimes, too…… (life going fast again and all) so I have to be careful!!! LOL

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