hello, so…..

…….I’m reading this amazing book (for the second time but it’s been 25 years)

AMAZING (I’m in awe of M.M.)

………we are enjoying long walks on the beach

……..Seth has an ear infection, I finally took him to get checked after he has been sick for 5 days. Poor baby boy!!!

………after a trip to the walk-in clinic we went to Crackerbarrel

…….he ate with enthusiasm which was good for me to see.

……..Caleb did, too. He’s been asking for Crackerbarrel ever since we got to Georgia.

……..I ate like a lady (naturally!)

………after I got home we walked by the ocean

………another delightful stroll along the water’s edge

……..I saw a cool insect by the mailbox aaaaaaaaaand I have received 3 postcards from you bloggy friends so far. Cheryl you were the first and today was Kitty and Connie. Thank you!!!! It’s been such fun to get happy mail! Be looking for return mail ASAP!

…….two helicopters Very Loudly flew by as I was reading on the porch upstairs. I was affronted.

…….Rich went for a 5 mile run and I followed along on my bike (he also did 240 push ups, he’s crazy, right?) Truly, I am proud of the way he takes care of himself. But really, the spanish moss is quite beautiful, isn’t it?

……..we have no wine

……..this storm cloud was photo-worthy.

Happy Friday, friends!

12 thoughts on “hello, so…..

  1. Wonderful Gone with the Wind ..love it ….I love Cracker Barrel too ..always get the Rainbow trout with Coleslaw and a salad ..yum !! Smooching by the Ocean …a perfect place to do it ..My Husband Danny and I are still smooching after 20 glorious years of marriage ..Cheers to Love

  2. GWTW is great. I also like Scarlett. I love the ocean picts, what a treat. I hope the patient is well soon. Cracker Barrel is a good cure, salt water better.

  3. Your vacation looks truly awesome in every way! Well, except the ear infection, hope he is better soon … looks like Cracker Barrelโ€™s helped ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I just had a lovely 10 day trip north with my family. I had hoped we’d get through your hometown and see that little ice cream shop you featured a while back. and then send you a postcard from there. But we visited friends in Newtown CT and then went from there to Old Sturbridge Village. From there to Boston. 5 nights in Boston with days full of childrens and science museums, aquarium, a few of the historic buildings, etc. My first time in that city! I felt welcome. Visted friends just across the border in New Hampshire; down to Providence, Rhode Island for a couple days. Over to Plimoth Plantation for a day trip. Stopped in NYC to visit more friends and home last night. This was to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary and see a bit of New England. Not sure I’m gonna get a postcard sent but I’ve been thinking about you and am happy that you are enjoying sand and sun with your family! Sarah

  5. Hope you are getting some journaling in. I can imagine it would be quite inspiring there….along with your reading. I have gone to monthly handmade journals now. Liking it better. Less daunting than a large journal with tons of blank pages. I have been inspired by 49dragonflies on IG and YT. There are a few junk journal prompt lists found on IG and other places…that have been nice to include. I am not a “brain dumper” in my journals, so this suits me. We are planning some travel in the month of August, so have my journal ready to go.
    One of our sons is visiting this weekend. He flies into Columbus, OH this afternoon, and drives up here this evening. Leaves Sunday PM to return to Columbus area for work. We rarely see him, so this is a treat. Another son celebrates his 38th birthday this weekend.
    Goodness, I am OLD! Hang on to your days with your tribe. Time flies.

  6. I’ve not been able to log onto to view your blog! Then…today, IT WORKED! Catching up has been fun!! I think Cracker Barrel is my most favorite place to eat, I’m a rather simple girl ๐Ÿ˜‰ To be away for a month must be lovely! We went to visit my brother in Minnesota and celebrated my niece turning 5. Ten days wasn’t nearly enough.
    Be blessed!

    • I LOVE crackerbarrel, too! If we ever get to visit we shall have to go there together. I’m glad you had a nice visit with your brother and his family! And….so glad you got into the blog again. Hugs!

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