strawberry muffins

This is the way to the wild strawberries.

My legs got soaked from the wet wet wet wet grasses.

But I picked a shirt of berries.

This is the way back home.

I decided the best way to share the wealth of berries was to make muffins.

I cleaned them up and added sugar to them. I let them sit for a little while as I prepared the recipe (a common blueberry one, but added strawberries instead, along with a half teaspoon of dry strawberry jello mix and a teaspoon of vanilla).

I sprinkled the tops with plenty of sugar. I wanted these muffins to be sweet and delicious.

I don’t typically like the taste of baked strawberries, but letting them soak in sugar and their own sweet juices helped. The strawberries almost tasted like warm jam in the muffins and the jello mix also added flavor.

yummmmmmmmmmm warm muffins with freshly picked wild strawberries! I know where to find the berries and I like to think, as I pick, that the plants enjoy being harvested and will do even better next year. And I think it’s true!

Seth had one and came back for a second.

Sarah (in a towel) also had one and came back for a second.

This is still Sarah.

Caleb had two and came back for a third.

They were a hit!


We are leaving tomorrow for our new vacation place in Jekyll Island, Georgia. We are packing a bunch of stuff and will be away from our CT for over a month. As often happens when I am overwhelmed with trying to get a ton of things done and prepare for a change, I find the most comfort in the kitchen, doing ordinary/extraordinary things.

I have a loaf of homemade bread almost done in the oven now.

I also find comfort in being here, writing to you.

Happy Thursday, friends!

I praise your name for your unfailing love and faithfulness; for your promises are backed by all the honor of your name. As soon as I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me strength.

Psalm 138:2,3

21 thoughts on “strawberry muffins

  1. Praying that your vacation gives you an opportunity to rest and relish time with your beautiful family. Much love. -Chris

  2. Have a good vacation! I am sad that I won’t get to meet you next month when we are near your area. Maybe sometime. The muffins look delicious! Sarah

  3. I had lost you for a while as I could not log in but now I have found you and that I no longer have to try to log in it’s a joyous day for me …I missed reading your wonderful blogs …I pray that you have been having a wonderful vacation on Jekyll island ..I love to go there ….Happy travels and Happy Days to you all

  4. I have never seen wild strawberries …down here in Alabama I don’t think they grow here ..i have a problem trying to get strawberries that I plant to grow …they look so special and to eat them from the wild would give me extra joy to my heart ..your muffins look wonderful I can taste them now ..blessings XX

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