nine for nine

Well……. the baby is home from school today and the baby is now nine. I’ve been making her cake all morning and it won’t be done until later on….. after two baseball games. Also son David is currently at states for hurdles (!!!!).

(My brother David is having a hard time signing into my blog…..let me know if it was a struggle for you and how you fixed it. Thank you!)

Back to the nine year old. She’s on the couch on her stomach playing Geometry Dash on her brother’s kindle with her bare feet up in the air. Grace and Brittnee are here as well, but they are in the other room talking to Pastor Gary because (happy news!) Brittnee is getting baptized this summer. Hopefully in our pond like David and Caleb before her. (pond blessings)

Back to the nine year old.

She’s had a nice day so far. She’s been playing with her little plastic cats that she loves so much. She drank delicious hot chocolate made with cinnamon and vanilla, served by her sister who says she’s “practicing for when she works in a coffee shop”. She ate homemade macaroni and cheese also made for her by her sister who knows how to make a great pot of comfort pasta. She went for a walk with Grace and me in the wet wet woods. It’s 58 degrees today and as cloudy as all get-out.

I always noticed the peonies on this day…..because when Sarah was born on a beautiful Sunday morning in 2010, the peonies in the flower garden were in bloom. This year, they are still tightly closed. It’s facinating how each spring is a little different.


Here are nine photos for the nine year old; some of my favorites from the past week or so.

you are friendly and fun
you are smart and strong
you have a pretty smile
you have a delightful spirit
you are healthy and full of energy
you are gentle and kind
you are loving and good
you bring peace and sparkles into a room
you are a blessing

Happy Birthday to our beautiful girl. Mom and Dad love you so much dearest Sarah.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

Have a marvellous day, friends! You are loved.

6 thoughts on “nine for nine

  1. Impossible! She can’t possibly be 9! That means my baby will also be 9 in few months. And that is impossible. Right?
    Sun finally showing here. Hope you get some too!!!☀️

  2. Happy Birthday dearest Sarah. You can thank your Mom for passing these wonderful qualities to you. We love you! -Dad

  3. Can’t believe she is 9 already!!! The time went so fast.

    I am having trouble getting in. It acts like it won’t let me and keeps sending me back to the sign in page but when I go to wordpress main page it shows your blog in my newsfeed.

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