another friday

“I weep with sorrow; encourage me by your word. Keep me from lying to myself…….” Psalm 119:28, 29

I haven’t wept today. But I told Grace over and over that I wasn’t going to be happy and I didn’t want her or anyone else trying to cheer me up because it was not going to work. After the kids left for school I ate a yogurt and then went on a walk. I listened to a MLJ sermon and when a car went by me I wondered if it would hit me, without really caring too much. However, by the time the walk was over I realized that I had the interest & energy to go to Target. Not for fun mind you, but for business. I told Grace, “I’m going to Target…..” She lifted up her face (she was reading) with a hurt “she doesn’t want me” expression. To which I replied, “…and you’re coming with me!” I warned her though, that it wasn’t going to be fun.

We made our way to Target and she read out loud from the current book I’m in; Beartown. I just want to get it done so I can move on to the next one. Grace is a willing reader but she starts out with a normal voice and tends to get quieter and quieter. I try not to say anything. Every once in a while I might lean toward her and say politely, “What was that word?” but for the most part I take it as a listening challenge. With her help I got through three more chapters.

We went to Target and I parked crooked. This proved to be wise as it helped us find the car after our shopping (they all looked the same).

I had a matcha latte and Grace had a chai latte. We shopped but it was a bust as the hoverboard I need to buy Sarah for her birthday was not there. We did get the plastic cats though. When Christopher rang us up he asked how our day was going and I said, “Not that great.” and Grace said, “I’m trying to have a nice day.” And I explained, “It’s hard for her because she’s with me.” and Christopher said to Grace, “I understand.” I think he was flirting with her.

We made our way to the next shopping destination. I won’t get into it but I will say I bought earrings, a necklace, and a skirt for myself and it made me no happier.

And then we went to a bookstore.

All in all, I wouldn’t call it a fun day but despite my dogged determination, I laughed quite a bit.


We live nowhere near a donut shop so I was asking myself questions when I came across this random donut on a walk yesterday.
I always stop here and stretch on the bridge railing while looking for ducks.
Golden Alexander by the side of the road.
This was that chicken I was talking about in the last post. I ended up adding rice and veggies to it and everyone ate it. David also made avocado toast and came over to me so I could admire his plate.
On our way to Seth’s band concert. The trumpet section was so bad that even I had to laugh to myself. I couldn’t help it. It was charmingly terrible.
Sarah went with me and I was glad to have her as I was close to crying through the whole thing. Not because of the trumpets though.
This is the first photo I took today. Helpful words. I’ve been admitting it all day (and rather enjoying it, too).
I dunno
This is a fake smile.
At the bookstore, I was amused. “Angry crying is faster than sad crying. Also more violent.”

Knife tears!!!!!!! Who thinks of this stuff?
for us Anne lovers, look at this cover!!
It was an independent bookstore owned by a Mother and Daughter who moved to CT from FL for the husband’s job. I bought used Newbery book for a dollar and it turned out to be one I already had, (Yolanda’s Genius, do any of you want it??) and also a book for Sarah’s birthday. (not the knife tears one).

me and my first brother
my brother Dave
we improved with age…..and today is his birthday. Happy Birthday to you my very first best friend. Now we are 43 and 42. Can you even?

Grace and I went for a walk and she wanted to take my picture (“you look like you don’t have pants on”) so I made my “I’m not going to be happy today” face. We stood in the road and laughed so hard that I said, “We would have never gotten as much pleasure out of a smile.” And she agreed.

I’m holding an ice cream cone and wearing Rich’s sweatshirt. And new sunglasses.

When facing the unknown, hope is as reasonable as despair.”

Martha W. Hickman

Thank you for being here friends,

You are loved.

PS, I am in a Lemony Snicket mood.

11 thoughts on “another friday

  1. Isn’t is a most wonderful thing that we are loved no matter what mood we are in. Maybe you can buy Sarah’s gift on Amazon … I like shopping that way lol, click and I’m done. (Until I have to return it.) I remember when Sarah was born – yesterday!

  2. P.S. I’ve been meaning to mention that I found a Facebook site I thought you might like … the woman is a Christian mom of five and seems real to me … it’s called “Ordinary on Purpose”. She also had a blog by that name.

  3. I just love how you connect with your children no matter how you are feeling. They love you and you love them no matter what! Hope you have a great weekend my friend!

  4. A series of unfortunate events indeed. I think you found a way to deal with your challenge though beautiful – instead of fight against it embrace it and hence it won’t cling to you. Strange for sure. You are certainly a curious creature – fearfully and wonderfully made, and you are my treasure – a gift given to me by the King of Glory for cherishing and safe keeping. Love u! -Me

  5. Last night I was up till the ungodly hour of 1:30 am reading through the archives of my blog back when all the kids were little. We moms are amazing! So many crazy hard and emotionally draining days and we powered through them. Somehow it made me feel better about my crazy life right now. Maybe it would help you to read through your archives too? To see all the amazing days we’ve lived, the emotions we’ve batted and that the future holds the same strength and victory💕

    • I love reading my archives, often I laugh and laugh. ALways I think “how time flies”! It’s been an amazing journey, hasn’t it? Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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