2018 Christmas


Merry Christmas!

The children said we opened presents later in the morning than we ever have before.  I woke up a little after 6am and sat with the ones awake; Ethan, Grace, Caleb, Seth, and Sarah.  And then we finally broke down and woke up the rest of the family at 7.  The sun was shining brightly through the windows by the time we were done opening gifts at 9:15am.

What a wonderful day, to spend together with no other running around, or driving, or visiting, or anything else but opening gifts and then doing whatever we wanted to do.


Rich came through with the perfume I requested, plus so much more, including fiesta mugs for me and him!

The other mug, which has “spring grass” decorating it, was another fun gift.  Ethan saw it the other day and said it would be perfect for me to drink my favorite matcha green tea (which he says tastes just like grass).   Rich went out and found it yesterday so he could give it to me for Christmas.  I will very much enjoy my tea while soaking in a tub of mineral salts, and maybe even eat some of my Godiva chocolates at the same time!


The first thing we all looked at were the stockings, after Caleb cut them down from the stair railings, where they were hanging by zip-ties.

We were surprised to discover that in no time at all Caleb could play a full song with a nose-flute!  Lots of laughter.  And, “Mom why do you always get at least one noisy gift every year????”


Most of all we savored the faces of our children, and how their eyes lit up when they opened each package they were given.  Thank you to Caleb for handing them out this year.  We took our time and spent almost two whole hours opening gifts, after Rich read the Christmas story to us from the Bible.



Walter the cat was beside himself with all the ripping and flying paper.  Grace even thoughtfully sprinkled some cat nip on the floor for him, too.



David opened a case of soda that he liked in Jamaica.

He confessed to me later, when just the two of us were in the laundry room, that he knew he was getting the soda because he saw the amazon notification on his brother’s Kindle.  “I’m a really good actor, though, so I was still surprised when I opened it.”

I was in the laundry room trying to figure out what I did with some lost presents that I didn’t know were lost until we opened everything and I realized that some were missing.

I still haven’t found them.  It’s going to seriously bother me until I do.


Jacob and Ethan, who have spent the last 21 Christmases with us.  Such blessings.




Dave who said the only quotable quote after I opened a bar of special soap:   “I find it very attractive, the simplicity of the cube.”

Whenever someone says something I want to remember I say, “Grace, write that down” and she says, “I got you.” and does it.





Ethan happily opening his espresso maker


Yes, that’s a wok.  Dave got a wok from E for Christmas and they just got done making a big wok-full of chicken and rice.


A contemplative brother next to a very pleased brother.

Ethan’s first latte went to his Dad.  The second went to Jake.  Third, to David.  Then he got tired and made one for me about an hour later, and then one for himself.  A truly thoughtful person, putting himself last.  🙂


Grace opened her requested keyboard.


dear Jacob


opening his book about the Patriots (of the American Revolution).


Seth was terribly sick yesterday but is all better today, and happy to try out his Hoverboard and wear a Christmas sweatshirt.



Our beloved Caleb.

He was very happy today with new clothes and a lego set.  I’ve hardly seen him since opening gifts.




A cashmere sweater for Rich.


Harry Potter lego set.  Grace in a sunbeam.


Seth’s face as he watched his Dad open a gift from him……


……they were sunglasses!


Sarah looked so sweet in her new Charlie Brown flannel nightgown.  Seth got flannel pj’s too but didn’t wear them because he was worried about being too hot (he had a fever).




It sat like this for over an hour before Rich and I recovered enough to bother getting the kids to clean it up.


Sarah took her stuff and found an empty area on the floor by the tree.


She played there for a while, and then went and took a THREE & a HALF HOUR BATH.  We had to tell her to get out.  “When you give a girl a bath bomb”.


Isn’t Christmas fun?


It is more blessed to give than to receive.  I am reminded of this truth every year.

A beautiful, holy holiday celebrating the greatest gift of all.  Our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Each year’s celebration happens in different ways, but all with lots of love.


And laughter.

Merry Christmas!






6 thoughts on “2018 Christmas

  1. I love seeing the pictures of your family Christmas. I’ve lost presents before. It must be a common thing among mothers of large families. A 3 1/2 hour bath! She must have been the cleanest one in the house. Smile.

  2. I love all the expressions, and the warm cozy feelings that come through. Your fat tree is perfect! Seth is so big, looking like his Dad and brothers. Love to you all.

  3. I went over my list of family members three four times to make sure I haven’t forgotten anyone ! For some reason it’s my fear every year that I will forget someone 😂
    I wonder where you’d lost gifts will turn up?!
    Merry Christmas ! What are your New Years plans?

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