waiting for the bus


They were ready for school a solid half hour before the bus was due to arrive and I did NOT want to listen/watch Phineas and Ferb so soon after waking up.  I was mean mom, turned off the tv, and forced them to stand out on the porch so I could take advantage of the best background ever……gently falling white white snow…..


“Sarah, stand close to Seth, closer!, now, put your arm around him.”


Sarah calls this her “spring coat.”

Where is Seth’s coat?

“I don’t need it, Mom, I have a sweatshirt on.”


they had the giggles





When you have kids close in age sometimes you sometimes get the impression that the children have a secret life together that you cannot understand.  I had that feeling when we turned to go in the house to continue waiting for the bus.  Seth and Sarah’s heads were together and they started dancing and singing just a little phrase; “I always look so good in white,” I was puzzled and asked where they learned the song.

Phineas and Ferb,” they said at the same time.


(David helped me find it on youtube).


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