On the last morning with Joanna before heading for home, we dressed in our matching clothes and went out to breakfast at a low-key friendly diner not far from her house.


And then, good-byes. . . . . .


Sarah and I stopped a few times, including once near this pretty stream.  She made a most pleasant little traveling companion.


Grace got home Friday night!  She’s currently at the other end of the couch asleep.  I was sleeping next to her until the phone woke me up.  At her feet are two big cats sleeping in the soft blankets.  The wood pellet stove is going and the sun is shining today, although it is only 33 degrees.  She and I went to the grocery store this morning for her last paycheck before she left for college and…..thanksgiving ingredients.  It’s so windy that as we walked the cart of food to the car the disposable turkey roaster blew off the top and half way across the parking lot!  It made us laugh as Grace chased it down.

The big boys will be arriving from college later on today and this mama’s heart is ready for all the children home again.  God’s blessings never end.


Thanksgiving is nothing if not a glad and reverent lifting of the heart to God in honor and praise for His goodness.  JR Miller

2 thoughts on “matchy-matchy

  1. How wonderful to have everyone home for Thanksgiving!

    Did I recall that you posted a macaroni and cheese recipe once that you liked? If it’s handy and quick, could I ask you what the link to it is? If it is work to find it, then please don’t bother.

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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