tasha tudor book finds

6 thoughts on “tasha tudor book finds”

  1. This post makes me smile so much. What a treasure to find a Tasha Tudor book that’s autographed! Also, someday I’d love to go to the Vermont Country Store. On my wishlist.

  2. I’ve known about Tasha Tudor from previous blogs but I didn’t know she wrote about a Corgiville. Our Hank who just passed was a corgi mix. The pictures of those books made me smile.

  3. Such a lovely time you had with your aunt. It’s wonderful y’all are So close! I love it when you can find sweet things at a low price. Bugs bunny in the trash can? So cute and imaginative!

  4. Autographed!!!!!!!!!!! N.o. Way!!! U rocked that day. I want to come read them all. I think I’ve ordered from the library every one they can get. Some they can’t. We just adore Tasha Tudor. We watch her old VHS Christmas documentary as a recent holiday tradition. Have u seen it? And I want just — one –of those caterpillars in my kitchen. We look and look every year but never find them. I may just break down and order some.

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