weekend reports


Can you believe it’s only 55 degrees here today?  We woke up to rain, not a nice summer rain, but a very chilly rain.

A hummingbird landed wearily and cold on the porch feeder and just sat there for a while….too cold to move.

My friend Kathy came over today with four of her five children and it was a fun visit with pizza.

These photos are from over the weekend.


We went to the library and then the park.


We went from the library to the park to the coffeeshop.

The view from the coffeeshop window is always interesting.  A train went by while we were there, too.  Sarah sat across from me with an apple juice, reading a book about wolves.


We foraged for berries.  Sarah and I.


She gave them all to Grace.  (she adores Grace).


Someone brought a toady toad inside the house.  He visited for a minute and then went back outside.  His skin was so dry and bumpy.  A proper toad.


Seth stuck this on his sister.


I sat on the couch with my cup of coffee and a cat promptly got on my lap and the dog quickly followed to sit by my side.


what a spider!  It’s legs are so very straight and yes it’s on top of pond water!


At the coffee shop again the next day…with Grace, Jacob, Ethan, Zak, and Sarah.


I was looking for something to put monarch caterpillars in and we found this aquarium which I brought home and scrubbed and polished clean.  I layered dirt and stone on the bottom and then moved in the baby caterpillars, about 15 tiny ones and two big ones (one is already dangling from the top).


This is a caterpillar just newly hatched and eating milkweed.  It’s an amazing year for monarchs and I’m just so pleased.


Seth jumped (flew?) onto Caleb’s bed and hit his eye on the bookcase (the bed is pushed against a wall of bookshelves).  Rich and I were both sleeping on the couch when Caleb brought his brother to us, “We have a problem.”  I woke up, took one look and woke up to tell him he would have to take his son to get stitches.  I am so thankful it happened on a Saturday when Rich was home and even more thankful that Seth’s eye was okay.  It took SIX stitches to close the wound.


While they were away at the hospital, David gave Jacob and Ethan tattoos with Sharpies. Maybe he will be a tattoo artist?

IMG_5447 1

And then when they came back we all hung out on the front porch watching the older boys and Rich kick a soccer ball.  They were trying to kick it way across the lawn into a garbage can.  Seth didn’t want his face photographed.


On Sunday Jacob and his friend taught astronomy (earth, moon, and planets) in Sunday School, as a lesson on the amazing handiwork of God.  Jacob was a natural and was able to be himself in front of a room full of people of all ages.


Sunday afternoon photo-update on Seth’s face.  (he hit his nose and cheek at the same time).  He was still sore all day yesterday and asked for pain medicine but he’s better today.  He can’t get the stitches wet for a few days but they are the dissolvable ones so that’s a relief.    He and Caleb skipped a football practice and we all went downtown for ice cream on Sunday night.


THIS MORNING Sarah joined me on the porch, we watched the rain and she held Gentleman Gray on her lap while I drank coffee.

I am tired.


11 thoughts on “weekend reports

  1. Oh my goodness! That gash on Seth’s eye looks scary. I would have been freaking out. I’m glad he’s okay.

    I think I would welcome 55 degrees, but I know it’s disconcerting when it comes in the middle of summer when you want to be out enjoying the sun and the water. We have been sweltering here with heat index warnings. 😦 Your pond looks so refreshing.

    I enjoy reading about your summer. Hope you have a good week!

      • I’m glad your summer came back! Yes. We are still sweltering! …but supposed to get a reprieve this weekend. I never really realized how much I dislike summer. I don’t do well in the heat. Maybe I never realized it because we never had four seasons in Houston. It was more like hot, hotter than hell, warm and cooler. Now that we live in a place where there are 4 seasons, I can say without a doubt that Fall is my favorite of all.

  2. Oh my, glad Seth is okay now and that his eye was not hurt. Love the photo of you on the couch with the cat and the dog … awww 🙂 Awesome that Jacob is so comfortable teaching a class! Hope it warms up soon.

    • Yeah it was really cute to sit down and then have both the cat AND dog jump on the couch to be with me.
      I am STILL so relieved that Seth didn’t injure his actual eye ball…he was sore for about a day and a half but then stopped asking for tylenol…he’s back to normal now, running around with stitches. ha ha
      And Jacob did SO well, I’ll try to post a link to his class if it goes on the church website.

  3. Oh ouch! So glad Seth is ok. My youngest is always getting hurt . I think he had 7 breaks in 2016. Your days look fun. You must have readers in your house! I love reading,and so do my daughter’s. I hope it warms up there!;)

    • 7 breaks is crazy!
      I love to read so the children have basically had no choice but to follow me along to the library and bookstore, LOL. It did warm up today, it’s been such a pretty day.

  4. The spider made me shudder. Do you get in the pond? I don’t think I could. Haha. Poor Seth’s eye. My Bailey (now 21) had almost an identical wound. He was only 2 and tripped and fell into a baseboard. Tell Seth that will make a really cool scar someday. The boys’ Sharpie tattoos were rather convincing from further away. 🙂 Would you allow them to get real someday if they asked? Maybe not as large? haha. Your cup of coffee looks SO good that I am going straight home and brewing a cup. Do you have a pot or a Keurig? I’ve been using a pot lately.

    • Hi Penny! The boys have not asked about tattoos and I’m not sure what I would say. I like the looks of them but the fact that they are so permanent gives me pause. Caleb gave Seth a sharpie tattoo yesterday all over his upper back. LOL And then of course Seth gave Sarah one on her arm. I must say, it kept them busy for a least an hour.
      We have a Keurig. I drink one cup of coffee in the morning and then one after lunch and a last cup around 4 or 5. I miss having a pot sometimes but the keurig is so easy.
      The spider—I had never seen that kind before! I keep meaning to look it up. I do go swimming in the pond but only like once a year and only during “unbearable” heat waves. The older the kids get the less they swim in them. ~Love, Shanda

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