cleaning & shopping together


Well, part of the reason why I went to Mom and Dads was to help Mom out with some spring cleaning.  We ate eggs and the homemade pumpkin bread that we had made the night before for breakfast and made a list of what our Saturday would entail.  Could we do it all?

We cleaned for hours and hours and then when we decided we had done enough we headed out to visit some of our favorite places and one new place.  Dad had plans with Uncle Brian so it was ::girl time::.  (whenever Sarah and I end up alone we sing to each other “GIRL TIME” and give high fives.)






DSC_0478 1

(“vintage” grocery store, LOL) Just like when I was a little, it was so small!  Why are grocery stores so big these days is what I want to know.


Perry’s ice cream is the best because it’s what I grew up on.

Perfect way to end the day.


It was A-MAZE-ING how much we accomplished!


Things I bought, in their new home:


Over the master bed I’ve been collecting flower prints that I love.  The second one from the right is the one I purchased with mom for only 8 dollars.  It’s an old framed print of Irises.


wire egg holder shaped like a pig!  Perfect for me in many ways.  5 dollars

(filled with eggs from my flock)


Mom had told me once that her Grandma suggested brown glass bottles for rooting plants.  So I bought this old one with the paper label charmingly almost gone for 6 dollars.  She sent me home with a begonia stem to root.  It’s on my kitchen windowsill and I can’t wait to see the roots start to grow.


Striped fiesta round platter (bigger than a dinner plate)

Fiesta salt and pepper shakers, and a small souvenir plate from the factory.  I can’t remember the exact prices of the fiestaware but it was very good because it was half off.


Last but not least, all that cleaning inspired me to come home and clean my own house.  I’ve been itching to deep clean the pantry (one of my favorite little rooms) and I tackled it this morning.  I wiped down all the shelving with yummy smelling Method cleaner, pulled the freezer away from the wall and cleaned the filthy floor under it, washed the dusty windows, and rearranged the foods and other items on the shelves.


I wiped down the glass doors on the hutch and moved it away from the wall, too.


You know that feeling when you clean one room spotlessly and then realize how messy every other room in your house feels?  That’s the feeling I have now, but Jacob told me to get over it because it’s not a very nice one.  And the house is clean enough.  😉

4 thoughts on “cleaning & shopping together

  1. Is that your writing (?) – it is sooo neat! I’m very impressed … looks like a font! Sounds like you got some great finds. But probably the best part was making memories finding the finds 🙂 LOL on Jacob’s comment.

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