half an hour

On these small cares of daughter, wife, or friend,
The almost sacred joy of home depend.  Hannah More


Grace and I were folding the latest load of laundry when I happened to see the boys playing basketball together through the window….made me smile….so I grabbed the camera and wandered around with it for half an hour.

Ethan leaves to go back to college tomorrow.


Seth’s joy as he plays with Ethan touches my heart.




Meanwhile, in the front yard, Sarah was making soup with pond water and various bits of grass and sticks.


I heard her say, “Thank you tree, for the pine needles,” quite sweetly.

DSC_0133 2

When she got back to her pot, Parker the dog was carefully pulling sticks from the soup which she thought was very amusing as she was not able to get anyone else to try the soup.


Grace and David joined the game.


DSC_0195 1

The chair under the basketball hoop was the “penalty box”.  They used it, too.


Caleb was sitting in it for something he did that the rest of the kids agreed was a penalty.



Back inside….cooking shows were playing quietly on the television.


While Rich listened to loudly blaring 1970’s country music while fixing the upstairs toilet.

“Wait, take another picture!” he requested.

DSC_0105 2

Making me laugh.


DSC_0137 1

The only place the cat can eat his canned food without the dog stealing it.




“It’s kinda busy around here this morning, I think I’ll nap with my eyes open.”

1 thought on “half an hour

  1. Ha! I like all the footwear for the basketball game 😉 sounds like everything is humming along this Saturday for ya all. 🙂

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