eggs (a short chicken tale)

Welcome month of March, month of early springtime flowers, happy birthdays, and eggs!



As you may or may not remember, our family owns a flock of 14 hens.

But lately, NO EGGS.

The hens are eating them.  I don’t know if a hen lays an egg and then cheerfully eats it, or if she leaves her egg behind and then the next hen wanting to lay HER own egg eats the one she finds “in the way” so to speak, to make way for her own egg laying endeavors.  No matter, it is happening.  It is annoying.


We are in the market for one of those nesting boxes which are slanted on the bottom so the freshly laid egg rolls away out of sight and out of the hen’s reach.  In the meantime, I am positively haunting the coop in order to snatch away eggs just as soon as they appear.


In this fashion, I have so far collected 5 of them just this morning.


Three of which I promptly cooked and ate for breakfast.  Outside.  So I could watch.


“Yes, I am watching you.”


7 thoughts on “eggs (a short chicken tale)

  1. Thankfully, I have not had to deal with this. I have heard that once they start eating the eggs, it’s a hard habit to break. I’m curious about the nesting boxes you described. I’ll be looking for part 2 of this story. 🙂 Your omelette looks scrumptious!

    • I will keep you posted. They all lay at different times & I certainly wont be standing down there all day. It’s so frustrating…. (I put fresh salsa and cheddar in the omelet-3 eggs).

  2. We had that same problem one time…a friend said to make sure I had a bowl of oyster shells for the hens to eat. I think i found a bag at the local Seed n Feed store. Problem solved!

  3. Yes, I was going to suggest oyster shell too. It’s really high in minerals that the chickens need. Sometimes when they’re not getting enough, they’ll eat their eggs for the minerals in the shells.

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