a vole and a mermaid tail


My friend Hannah from Alaska arrived on Friday night and she is quite a talented seamstress so……we went to Jo-Ann Fabrics today and got everything we needed to make clothes.  I say “we” but all I am doing so far is observing and once I held down a pattern so she could cut it without pinning.  I’m keeping her company.  It’s cozy.

As I type, she is at the other end of the table cutting out joggers for Seth and telling me that the sound of the scissors cutting through fabric is a sound of her childhood and that her mom reads my blog (hi Mom!) and she might make me pig earrings someday.

Isn’t amazing that you can print a pattern right off the computer?  The first one (a mermaid tail) was 6 pages printed, and then taped together and cut out.

While she was busy with it, David came inside the house with a bucket.


And this was inside.  We think it is a vole.  Gentleman Gray (the cat) caught it over by the woodpile and David rescued it and put it in a bucket so he could show me.


It was mighty cute and David was very very very gentle with it and put it back on the woodpile after I took its photo.


This is the finished mermaid tail for Bitty Baby and for Sarah, using thick warm fleece.


Hannah is almost done cutting out the pants for Seth and then we have to wait for Jacob to get home with special sewing machine needles before she can start sewing.  We forgot to get them earlier and asked Jacob to stop at JoAnn’s after work.

More tomorrow!

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