I want to blog every.single.day.  If I don’t blog, it’s because I have writer’s block, I’m sick, or I’m too busy…..even now I only have fifteen minutes.

I just love sitting here with my laptop, typing and sharing my photos.


I took this picture of a spider and then noticed a butterfly.  (or is it the other way around?)

Yesterday I went for a walk and a pair of old friends pulled up next to me in their car.  They had brought us vegetables from their garden, including a turnip the size of a bowling ball.  Oh it was such a happy, quick visit.  They asked about the children and we stood out in the hot September sun, by their car, chatting and smiling.  When they left we hugged each other and then the Mr. stopped and said, “I hear a Flicker”, while looking up into the treetops by my house.  Nothing.  The Mrs. and I heard it too, but we both thought maybe it was the squirrel we saw.  “No, it’s a flicker, remember, we had one at our place the other day?” he said to his wife.

We looked for it, just for a moment, but then it was time for goodbye.

We’ve almost eaten all the watermelon, and it’s that juicy and pink.


Today I did something for the first time.  I’ve arrived late for Doctor’s appointments, I’ve completely forgotten Doctor’s appointments, I’ve showed up for the wrong day, but today was the first time I was exactly an hour early.   I could not believe it.  What a mother I am (this was a check up for Grace).  We had time to leave and go to Barnes and Noble (double discount days for members!).  She had a hot chai and I had a hot cider and we spent some time browsing the nice books and magazines.


We went to get Cassandra to bring her back home with us, and we made chicken enchiladas for dinner.

(Have you noticed the bug theme?)


After my vegetable friends left yesterday I wandered around with my camera and it was like a dizzy dream…..the sun was soaking into my bones…I was tired…buzzing sounds filled my ears….the smell of wild plants was the best potpourri ever imagined.  The stinging bees and hornets and wasps were busy all over the place, they got along just fine as they each found a spot to gather from the flowers.  They especially love the goldenrod.


I like to lean in very closely and just observe.  They have such interesting ways, wings, eyes, legs……movements, every where I looked there were more and more flying insects, crawling, working, such tiny things almost unnoticeable unless a person stops to look for them.

The sun continued to bake everything under it, including myself.  You know that feeling when you first get into a hot tub and you say “ahhhhhhhh” and close your eyes?



The experience was like a lullaby and I became so tired I lay back in the grass for a minute or so.


Looking up, I saw a bird way up high in the dead tree.

It was a Flicker.


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  1. Lovely lovely lovely! I can picture everything that happened . Sounds like you are about as punctual as I am 😀😀🤓

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