monarch caterpillar update


It has started to dangle!!

My friend Amy and I went up to the dam to try to find more caterpillars (there is lots of milkweed growing there) but we didn’t see anything but red milkweed bugs.

Then, this evening I sent the boys outside to play and David found two more!

He was the special person who found the first caterpillar yesterday.

I told him he had the eyes to see them.


I texted Amy right away.  I told her I had triplets.




They live by the sink.  We all stop to look at them frequently.

2 thoughts on “monarch caterpillar update

  1. How exciting for your children to watch. We don’t have as much milkweed around here as we used to but our children had the opportunity to watch them when they were young and it was exciting!

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