day of summer


We went strawberry picking in a quiet open field.  There was a nice lady just down the row from us who was friendly and spoke like she had known us forever.  From the race of Joseph, I feel sure.

They were 29 dollars and 15 cents for 11.2 pounds.

The air was hot and fresh.  The sky was blue.

DSC_0371 1

I remember standing at Grandma’s kitchen counter when she made a fruit pizza (it was the first time I had it).  I don’t know why I had to make one today but I did, I had to.


Seth seemed to hang in the air as he leapt from the dock into the warm pond.  The boys were happy and carefree.  Everyone is getting browner from the sunshine but Michael’s nose is sun burnt and red.



DSC_0382 1

Seth found a beautiful insect.

David had a friend over and there was a feeling of celebration as it was the first day of summer and the house was full of people we loved.

Perhaps that is why I felt the impulse to make the fruit pizza?

All thirteen of us, at four o’clock in the afternoon, had a little summer day pizza party.

The moms sat and chatted at the table while the kids all ran off to play games and swim.









“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…”
― Susan Polis Schutz


3 thoughts on “day of summer

  1. Summer time in the country is the best!!
    Your fruit pizza looks yummy, Shanda …
    I’m sure that last piece didn’t last long either! 🙂

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