for a 60th


I decided to blog while I’m waiting for Sarah to have her procedure…… in six days.  Isn’t it so weird when you have to continue on with life even when things are happening that make you want to *sit and wait it out* instead of proceed with the days as usual?  How weird to make dinner while thinking about packing a hospital bag?  Or cheer for a wrestling meet while knowing in one week your child will be put to sleep for surgery?  I have had this sensation many times (for other reasons) and will no doubt have it many times to come.  It’s anticipation in it’s lower form—  A not nice “anticipation” for a dreaded event to come and most importantly, GO.   But thank goodness for work and keeping busy to take our minds off things!


This morning we allowed dear Ethan to sleep in because he’s been working very hard at keeping in top shape for wrestling but has had a bad cold for several days.  I took him to school at 9:30 and then parked the car so I could walk up the hill and back.  2 miles in the cold sunny air.  I found myself getting almost chipper as my legs stepped along at a quick pace.  I thought about how many times when I was a child I would run off into the woods to cry things out.  Without knowing it in so many thoughts or words, my soul knew that I would come to peace out under the trees, curled up in a ball on soft green moss.  These thoughts quickly proceeded into thoughts of Heaven and how wonderfully pure and sweet each emotion will be when that time comes, how good food will taste, how comfortable our bodies will move, and how wonderful it will be to spend eternity with Jesus and family……..I spent the whole walk thinking of the ways I thought Heaven might be…..sparing a few thoughts of gratitude for the tissue in my pocket.


Do you know what DNR means?  It means “Do Not Resuscitate”.

The main purpose of this post it to show the photos I took this past Saturday at my Dad’s 60th birthday party, at which he received two bracelets from Aunt Carol, who is a nurse (and pictured directly above this paragraph with the baby).  The other one that she promptly put on Dad’s opposite arm proclaimed him to be a “fall risk”.  So right away we are laughing.

I’ve known my dad for almost 40 years.  It’s funny to think of it that way.  But we obviously go way back.

I’m just realizing now that I don’t even have a picture of Dad and myself together from the party day.


My sister’s boy, my boy, and my brother’s boy.  How can it be?


My brother Nathan and his wife Melissa with some goof-ball.




I admired Nate’s facial hair.

Nate, you’re handsome.


Cousin Erika made Dad’s drum cake.


Grace, Abbie, and Maria (my sister in law)


One of the ways Aunt Mary keeps forever young is to spend as much time as possible with the children.




Erika’s baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



We all signed our names on a new volleyball for Dad to keep.

Uncle Brian (Aunt Carol’s husband) also gave Dad a suitable gift for old age:


I heard they were made out of York Peppermint Candies, which elicited even more humorous remarks……..


I put together a slideshow of photos for Dad…….




And then it was time for volleyball for those who wanted to play.



We are a talented group.  Not to mention all the women are gorgeous.



And children well behaved, creative, and vibrant.




I love the hands in this photo, fussing with the baby.



Time for the song and the cake!





The many names of Dad.






and more L O V E


I caught this adorable moment between cousins (only three months apart) Gregory and Seth, showing each other how to tie a shoe.


Emily and Jacob played checkers





Happy Birthday to my loving Dad.  It was such fun spending the day with you and the rest of the family………

Here is our group picture!!!!!!!


Click on it to see it bigger!

Thank you to the church for letting us use the gym for the party and for everyone who helped out and made it a happy day.

Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future. ~Gail Lumet Buckley

If you’re interested in seeing the slideshow, click here.

5 thoughts on “for a 60th

  1. Happy Birthday to Shanda’s Dad! Your family is beautiful. You did a great job of capturing the spirit of the party. Now that’s what you call a party…and I love the drum cake. She did an excellent job on it.

    I’m finding that there is nothing so cleansing as a good walk–especially in the woods. I totally agree with everything you said about it. It’s therapy for me! No matter how bad I feel before going out, if I can just must up the strength and will to take the first steps to getting out there, I feel like a completely different person by the time I come home!

    Waiting IS hard. Especially, I would imagine, for something like this. Please keep us posted on dear Sarah. We will keep praying!

  2. Such a great celebration for your Dad! Continuing to lift you in prayer and your little girl. So glad you find nature and time with God so uplifting. I have been trying to get over a flu bug and it has gone on too long. I am going to go look at the ocean,and the big surf today, and breathe in all that fresh air. My love to you Shanda!

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