in which we decorate a wild evergreen tree



Last week I went for a walk in the sunshine and noticed a small evergreen tree growing just outside the state forest by the side of the road, not far from our house.  I envisioned it decorated for Christmas and what a fun feeling it would be to drive by and see a tree that doesn’t belong to anyone, with holiday ornaments on it.  I followed through with this vision and bought some large unbreakable ornaments today.  When I got home, I gathered up my four happy youngest children plus their two friends and off we went on a exciting short walk to The Tree.  As you can see, we had a nice warm weather day today.  Several children were barefoot and Seth was shirtless, too.


I stood on the road to take this picture.  I hope that once the snow falls the green ornaments will stand out more.  I wonder if anyone will notice this little tree when they drive past?  Even if they don’t, it will be a secret pleasure for the children and me.



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