an old house….covered in vines

Grace and Ethan are home sick today and Jacob doesn’t have school.

I woke up feeling optimistic and cheerful for the first time in a long time, praise the Lord!

We watched a little bit of the movie “Newsies” and a little bit of a Harry Potter movie.

I love seeing all the books within the Harry Potter movies….today it made me want to go to the library.

So I did!  After I made my three oldest (who are now 16, 17, and 18 years old) a batch of pancakes and fried eggs, that is.

I paid a typical five dollar fine at the library and left with a nice heavy bag of books.

Then I hopped in my car and drove to the thrifty thrift shop downtown.

It’s gorgeous weather this week, by the way.  Today is balmy.

(Ethan just told me he wanted meat.  Jacob is starting a hamburger for him.  Grace is sleeping.)

I found a dollhouse!

Take a look:


This was where it was discovered.  I took a picture so I could text Mom and ask her if I should buy it.

“Yes” was her reply.

The best part of all is that it’s a Madeline house.  “In an old house in Paris, covered in vines…..”



weekend reading.


I’ve been getting walnuts in the shell for the family, I pour them into a big fiesta bowl,  so when I saw this giant walnut dish while out thrifting, I snatched it up.  It opens.  The kids will love it.


Isn’t it marvelous?



random photos




























I’ve been amused by a couple of Kingfishers.  They’ve been so noisy that I wonder if they’re battling over territory?


And this tiny bird’s nest.

There is typically a sense of expectation during every walk outdoors.  But the other evening it was almost completely dark so I wasn’t too expectant about seeing anything (at all).  I went outside to shut in the chickens and the night was so warm and soothing that I took a short walk around.  I stood down by the stream to listen to it and happened to look UP….right at this bird’s nest, which I could barely make out.  I turned on my flashlight to see it and the next day I took my camera down.  So small and sweet that I laughed.  Even in the dark God can show us things.

(It’s quite high up, I’m hoping one of my climbers will be able to collect it for me)





This is where I sit when it’s time for the afternoon bus to come with my young ones.

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “an old house….covered in vines

  1. My daughter who is now 17, grew up on Madeline. I think buying the dollhouse was the right choice. Library and thrifting… my kind of day! I hope you have a great weekend! Christina

  2. I’m so glad to hear you had an extra special day, and I loved hearing about it and seeing your pictures! Now I feel like I’ve had a good day, too. LOL. 🙂 Mine was ‘okay’…but I’m determined to go out and have a better one tomorrow in honor of your good day today.

    I wish we had some of those plants with the red berries. They are so festive and season-ish.

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