he’s home again

Last night I woke up at 12:30 a.m. to my husband getting into bed after being gone on a business trip.  He wasn’t away for very long – Monday through Thursday – but it felt much longer to me, I missed him terribly and welcomed him with open arms.

This morning we slept until 8…the children didn’t have school…I regretted teaching Seth my cell phone number because he kept calling it from the living room, basically right outside our door.

“What is taking too long for you to come out?” he asked in his wee small voice.

We eventually emerged and I got to work making sausage and pancakes for Ethan and his friend Mitch, and Grace, David, Caleb, Seth, Sarah, and Rich.  Jacob was already up and out of the house.  Did I tell you that he has his FIRST REAL JOB?  He’s working at Dick’s Clothing and Sporting Goods as a shoe person.  He’s going to be great.

I made blueberry pancakes and fried some eggs.   Mitch ate his first fried egg from a family chicken rather than a grocery store carton.

By the time our slow relaxing morning and breakfast was over, it was 10.  I needed to get some things at Costco so I asked “who wants to go with me” and soon we were leaving….me, Grace,  Caleb, Seth, and Sarah.

I bought our needed supplies plus a big pumpkin for the front porch.  David needed some duct tape in order to make a sheath for his new cold steel sword so after Costco we went to Target and Grace and I got matching flannel shirts.

It’s a PERFECT fall day, there is a touch of warmth and humidity in the air, it’s windy and the leaves look so pretty swirling down.

We gathered five eggs from the coop.  Soon we will have too many to use up ourselves and I will give some away to my friends.

DSC_1316 2

DSC_1319 2



9 thoughts on “he’s home again

  1. Cute shirts! I may need to make a Target run! my hubby has been traveling too this week, definitely miss him when he’s gone. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Know your glad to have your husband home! That’s funny about him calling your cell number. Have a great weekend 🙂

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