fiestaware at brimfield.


I’m very disappointed that Sarah, after feeling better for two days, is back to being sick.  She is not a person who is calm during sickness, either.

That’s why I have the extra time to do this blog post on a Saturday morning.  She is sick in bed next to me and if I leave she gets all upset.  She needs me.  She is currently sound asleep after being awake most of the night.  When she stirs, she immediately whimpers and fusses, because her stomach hurts.  I pat her and get her what she needs. (a very tiny sip of water, tea she refused to drink, and syrup from a jar of peaches, of which she had a small amount).  Mostly she just wants Mama.

Rich is gone with Caleb (10) and Seth (6), who needed to be weighed for football and get their pictures taken.  Tomorrow morning is their first game (of four).  He is stopping to get Pepto Bismal for Sarah when they are done.  I hope and pray it helps.


The kitten is still unnamed.  He doesn’t like to be left alone, the older cats won’t have anything to do with him, the dog is harmless but scary, and consequently he adores his humans.  As soon as we touch him, he purrs loud like a little motor.  He is curled up in the wrinkles of my down comforter right next to Sarah’s leg.


The strong and manly football player.  😉


Jacob is looking for a job but for now he has Fridays free (no college classes).  So he and I went to the Brimfield Antique show yesterday.  We left the house at about 9 in the morning and came back home around 1:30.


Jacob loves Army related items from all eras, but especially the American Revolution time period, guns and other weapons, stones, and tools.


I like all the suzy-homemaker type of stuff…..and fiestware dishes.


Right away I bought these two chop plates.  Chop plates are a little bit bigger than a dinner plate.  The bottom one is vintage light green and the top is Post-86 retired yellow.


The prices at Brimfield are somewhat on the high end and I usually take photos of things more than buy them.  This is a harlequin milk pitcher that the seller was asking 45 dollars for.  Harlequin is not Fiesta, but was made by the same company.  A lot of collectors of fiesta end up collecting Harlequin as well but so far I have not branched out.


The weather was gorgeous.  It started out cool and misty but then slowly cleared (but stayed cool).  By the time we left the sun was beginning to blaze again.  I wore a shirt over a sleeveless shirt so I could take it off and tie it around my waist if necessary.


I also enjoy taking photos of things that I know my friends and family would like.  (my son Caleb loves the Patriots).


My friend B and I both love vintage Strawberry Shortcake.


My boys all love Batman.



This reminded me of Uncle Rog


For all of us who miss the Farm.


My mom in in the process of furnishing a dollhouse.  I probably should have bought these.  They were so heavy, I have to believe they were just as fine of quality as real, full sized kitchen things.  Imagine baking tiny cakes.  The lady was asking 45 dollars for them.


I asked the mommy if I could take a picture of her dogs.  Are they adorable or what?


I looked through this very old diary and was immediately pulled back into the past.  I adore this sort of thing…the penmanship, the history, and just by chance I opened it right up on my birthday…77 years before my actual birth.

“Snowed all day.  Did not go to church.  Moss-sick with a cold.  Mr. Miller preached his first sermon.”


Jacob with a gun made out of rubber.


little cups I liked


we took a lunch break

the food is especially delicious

Jacob’s fries were handmade and covered with made-from-scratch bacon alfredo cheese sauce.



I had a lobster sandwich, fruited cole slaw, and boiled red potatoes.

and Jacob’s fries


Jacob spent most of his money on stones, which is loves to study and collect.  He has a shelf in his room for them.




It takes a very long time to decide, I was amused watching him.  And the lady told him lots of cool information.  He also looked things up on his phone to learn even more.  Part of what makes life so interesting is when you take a topic and study it for yourself, because you want to and not because you have to.


These are some of the things he purchased.


But now….I have saved the best for last!

I probably would not be as excited about Brimfield if the fiestaware lady wasn’t there with her 1,000s of pieces.  A lot of her things are “seconds” (second rate fiesta, with tiny imperfections) but if you take your time and look at things carefully you can find some good pieces.  Regardless, it’s fun to see so much of it in one place and to see some items you may not see in the local stores.


I tried taking a selfie with my son but as you can see he was bored out of his mind.  He will not be getting any fiestaware when I die.  He told me he was tired of it!





I made a couple selections which I will show you at the end of the post.

But first, here are some vintage pieces from another booth.




Jacob manhandled everything and when I made him stop, he left the tent.  *sighs with relief*


The same vintage seller also had a set of lilac (limited run).

I bought nothing from the vintage seller.  But it sure was excited to see it all.


These were my purchases.  I brought them home and washed it all.  I put them on my dining room table, which was spread with a Fiesta tablecloth.

2 chop plates, a new Lapis vase which will look beautiful with wild flowers in it, a shamrock soap dish, and a lollipop box which I love and already put lollipops in.

7 thoughts on “fiestaware at brimfield.

  1. I love your posts.Brimfield would be so fun to visit!Someday I will buy a piece of Fiesta ware so I’m reminded of you every time I use it!

  2. You always make me wish I could go to Brimfield. Great that you and Jacob could spend the time there together. Those lunches made me hungry, and I ate the yummiest scones for breakfast! Love your purchases, and your cloth does set off the colors so well. I think I have said it before, we just don’t see much Fiesta ware out here, but you have made me enjoy it so. Hope your little sweetie feels better quickly.

  3. That looked like a lot of fun and to spend time with your oldest… Sweet! Loved the fiesta and all the little fun extras. Loved the strawberry shortcake…that was a garbage can correct? I think I had that one when I was a kid. Just for fun..did you happen to see the price? Curious as to how much they were trying to sell it for. Thanks for thinking of me. 🙂 I always wanted to get there when we lived there and never made it. 😦 looks like fun.

  4. I think it’s cool J is willing to go to an antique show at all. Esp. with his Mom. {Maybe Emily will want the Fiestaware…don’t take him out of your will just yet. =)}

  5. Gorgeous Fiesta ware ….I have just recently started a collection of vintage teacups ..yesterday I picked up a beautiful one from a junk shop …it was made in Bavaria, Germany and is bone china .a really good one as you can see through it and it has silver edging, is scalloped on the edge too and is white with silver grey and black roses all over it including inside the cup for only $8.99 !! I will have to blog about it …my most favorite one is Royal Albert American Beauty…thanks for taking us on your lovely day out ..the perfect day for me too ..wish I had come along …love all of your finds ..Still think kitty should be called “Sooty” …ha! ha! …perhaps Dave should make a list of names he likes then put them on here and we can all vote for our favorite one ..Hope Sarah gets better very soon …I will pray for her …bless, it’s awful when the babies are sick ..take care ..have a lovely day Janet XX

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