two very important sentences

We are leaving on Friday to go on a nine day vacation.

I am busy organizing, packing 72 complete outfits in 72 large ziplock bags, and preparing food.  The house is in an uproar.

Three children had dentist appointments this morning.

Also, Jacob took his driver’s test today.

While I was waiting for him to be done (there were three kids ahead of him) I nervously drove to Goodwill and found……six sage green fiesta teacups…..making me even more excited with life in general!

Naturally when we got home I took a couple of pictures.


Sage is a brand-new fiesta color.  Why anyone would want to donate Sage fiestaware is beyond me.

My guess is that they came in boxed place settings and maybe the person decided they would never use them, so they gave the teacups to Goodwill and kept everything else?


Regardless, it will be a pleasure to use them and they look so pretty on the shelf.

And he passed with a perfect score.

10 thoughts on “two very important sentences

  1. My mind just exploded thinking about that. I doubt I would quite make it to the vacation to recover from the prep. I hope you have a great time!

    The sage green teacups are a nice addition to your collection. Congrats to Jacob on passing the test with flying colors. It will be nice to have another driver in the family to take some of the pressure off of you…but I think you just mentioned that he is going off to college?

    • Oh Kara, I’ve been drained all afternoon but I made myself rest on the couch. I have to leave again soon to take Caleb and Seth to football practice. I was so nervous about Jacob and his test, and relieved that he did so well. Yes, he is going to college but it’s a community school so he will be driving back and forth. Hope you are well!

  2. Congratulations on the Fiesta ware and the new driver!! You have opened my eyes to Fiesta ware. It is so colorful and pretty. You just don’t see it much out here in California. Have a wonderful vacation. Prep is so much work!

  3. Remembering the packing-for-many days. I -yi -yi! Better you than me. 😉
    Those cups. Such a deal! My mother in law has a pitcher that is similar in color. You would know it. Vintage. Hoping she will some day give it to me.
    Enjoy the vacation. Perhaps you will need another when you return.

  4. You always manage to find things! How neat! Pretty color too! What a score for a busy day!

    I am sure Jacob is relived and you, his test is done!

    Have a great trip! Hope to hear from you soo;)

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