camp week


Rich came home as soon as the last event was over on Friday because he missed me so much.  Isn’t that the sweetest thing?  He came in our bedroom at about 2:30 in the morning and I laughed.  He thought it was the oddest reaction…but I was so happy and tickled that he came home.

We had all Saturday morning to talk.  He was full of stories.

One of the workers, Ting, posted a whole bunch of photos on Facebook and she gave me permission to post them.

The first one I posted is of Jacob and Ethan, on a day that they put the same socks on without knowing it.  Pink plus capes!


This was a tug of war competition between my family and another family.  Jacob is at the end, then Dave, Grace, Ethan and Rich.  (they lost)


I love this picture of Ethan S. (friend from church), husband Rich in the red cap, Zak right next to him (he spends a lot of time at our house, we met him at school last year because he  was on Rich’s wrestling team).  Zach with the red hair and his sister Allie (life long friends) and then my son Ethan in the white shirt, and our neighbor Emily (black shirt).  They look so happy.


Rich said kids kept coming to join the picture.  Jacob (right next to his Dad), Emily (black shorts, light blue t-shirt) and Tessa (dark blue T-shirt).


This is Rich preaching.  I had several people tell me that during one of his talks, he posted a picture of me and had to stop for a minute because he was choked up with emotion.  Jacob and Zak told me that it made them start to cry because, as Zak explained, “I had never seen you cry before and I was so confused.”  LOL

He loves me, my friends.  As I also love him and am proud of him.  He had such a good time and of course, as typical, came home with injuries from the sport events.  He has a huge scab on his leg and knee, and a broken finger.


Micheal, who is Jacob’s best friend and is currently cleaning my kitchen, was an awesome addition to the camp leaders this year.  Rich said he did great and was like the camp bouncer and kept the kids in line, all in good nature and fun.  He arm wrestled Andrew and won….consequently they put him up against my husband on another night.  As soon as Rich heard the word “go” he slammed Mike’s arm down on the table so hard that Mike walked around with an ice pack the rest of the day.

“My arm was broken in half and remained broken in half for the remainder of the week.”  ~Mike


Gary is our Pastor and one of the directors at the camp.  He’s amazing.


Just like my  husband, he can sleep anytime anywhere, because he’s busy all the time and throws himself into every activity.

Rich took this video of Ethan’s skit.  You’ll have to watch it sideways but it’s totally worth it.  Ethan is wearing pink shorts, white shirt and BLUE bathing cap.  He does the lift at the end.


Best of all is the worship, the moving of the Holy Spirit, Jesus finding lost souls and saving them….please pray that these teens will always remember what they learned and the love they felt.

The wind blows wherever it wants. Just as you can hear the wind but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going, so you can’t explain how people are born of the Spirit.  John 3:8

6 thoughts on “camp week

  1. Bob and I watched the video from camp and smiled the whole way through. In the video they panned up from those pink socks…I just knew they were your boys 🙂 Fun skit. Most of all so good to see them all having fun, and knowing God was at work. I will pray for those seeds to find fertile soil.
    Yes, your Rich loves you. It is so apparent, which is such a blessing, for you, and for the world that is watching.
    Hugs, Jenny

  2. I just love it when ladies write about their husbands and talk about the love they have for one another! Sounds like you certainly have a precious marriage relationship! My husband, Jonathan and I have a very sweet relationship also after 6 years of marriage. I can’t wait to see what it will be like when we’ve been together as long as you have. 🙂

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