what would the wise woman do?

IMG_0485(i took this picture while flat on my back)

I ask myself this hypothetical question often, “What would the Wise Woman do?” and I asked it this morning after dropping a child off at school for a final exam.  I would have to return to the school after 2 hours to pick him back up.

I like to pretend that the wise woman is my Mom, my Grandma, or my dearest friend.  What would they tell me to do when faced with a certain decision?   Somehow it makes it easier to find the right thing to do when imagining what they would do.

I felt depleted physically and run down mentally, from days of rushed activity.  So I asked myself.

What would the wise woman do with two hours?

She would drive into town for a favorite drink and an apple juice for the preschooler, find a quiet table near the window and sit for as long as she wanted.

She would write a list of  thankfulness with a pen on a paper napkin.

She would say “yes” to walking to the empty park nearby.

She would lay back in the grass under a bright blue sky and let the hot sunshine melt away that sinus headache and listen to the birds and her little daughter singing as she played.

She would loiter everywhere she walked…slowly…taking everything in.

Sh would really taste that iced chai tea, down to the last drop.

That’s what the wise woman told me to do.  And that’s what I did.  Thank you, wise woman!

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