mascara: observations of a four year old

Yesterday Sarah was standing by my side, intently watching me put on mascara.

“Are you putting black on your whiskers?” she sweetly asked.

When I began to laugh she quickly corrected herself.

“Wait.  Are those eyebrowls?”  (guide to pronunciation:  rhymes with growls)


Can you tell she’s all about animals these days?


8 thoughts on “mascara: observations of a four year old

  1. Darling! Don’t you love those remarks? Our kids gave us a quotes and pictures from the grandkids. My Nick missed pictures in early gradeschool and asked, “When is lipstick day?” (Make-up day for pictures…lol)

  2. That is so funny would be so lovely if you had made a book just to put in the children’s funny sayings over the years …But since you love writing so much I am expecting that you already have ..a joy as ever t read your blog …thanks for popping in yesterday …it was the highlight of my day ..kindest regards Janet

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