a valentine in november

Yesterday evening four year old Sarah sat at the dining room table all by herself.  She was busy with a guitar pick maker that was given to Ethan a few years ago.  The pick-maker is a hole punch that makes a single guitar pick out of old credit cards, thick plastic, and what have you.  She was having a lovely time going around and around several pieces of scrap paper with it.   She ended up making about 50 guitar picks, all from paper.  She carefully wrote on some and decorated others.

She called them Valentines.

She took a handful upstairs to the boys’ room and bestowed them to brother Jacob.  He accepted them with gratitude.

She had lots more to give away, and wandered over to me,  “Mom, do you want a Valentine?”

“Why yes, Sarah, thank you!” I replied, honored.  She carefully placed one in my out stretched hand.

Along with the letters “SMI”, this is what I discovered written on my *valentine*:



I had to find the paper this came from to see how it happened:  It was a letter from school about a “school wide assembly”!!!

19 thoughts on “a valentine in november

  1. I miss your blog! I’ve spent the morning catching up. So much to comment on that I don’t know where to even begin! This post was adorable and hilarious. I actually laughed out loud. What are the chances she cut those letters…too funny.

    Your brother and sister in law’s trip…how romantic and fun!
    I enjoyed all the pictures. Now I want chocolate..and a waffle!
    We have friends that travel all over the world. They always come home with a unique gift and pictures (he’s a fabulous photographer!)…we order pizza and they give us a virtual tour of the country they visited. I feel like I’ve been to so many places! 😉

    Now that life is settling down…I will be a regular reader again.
    Happy Thursday Shanda!!!

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