long weekend


Colleen is my Mom’s baby sister and we are less that two years apart in age.  We grew up in houses by the same dirt road, up on “the hill” in a small NY town.  We grew up, not only as aunt and niece, but as playmates, with nicknames for one another, secret forts, snickerdoodles, sleepovers, arguments, family gatherings, church, school, and so much more.  We shared every event in life together.  We still do.


Aunt Colleen and Uncle Roger have four daughters and the whole family came to our place for a visit this weekend.  They arrived Friday night and left yesterday.  Our main goal for the visit was to simply be together and let the children play and make memories.  We also cooked four pounds of bacon.



On Saturday my brother Isaac and his new wife, Cassandra, came over.  My sister Amanda also came, with her husband Jason and their three children.  Years ago, Colleen and I were a part of many huge family reunions, we have great memories of running around with cousins, and it was good to see our own children having fun together…..in total there were fifteen children and nine adults.  (Michael also came, and Jacob’s girlfriend Emily, too.)


Amanda brought a big salad, Cassandra brought chocolate chip cookies.  We made a bowl of punch and Colleen and I made broccoli salad, apple cake, apple crisp, a big pot of chili, and Ethan grilled hamburgers.  No one went hungry.




I spy with my little eye; Sherlock the Cat!






Cassandra, Shanda, Amanda



Isaac, Shanda, Amanda



Meghan,  Caleb, and Naomi (with the expressions of youth)

After church on Sunday we followed each other through McDonald’s drive thru and both families spent the same exact total. (!!)

Rich, Roger, Jacob, and Ethan went golfing; it was a beautiful afternoon to be outside.


Then, we had all Monday morning to relax.  We watched several hours of television with the activity of people coming and going, getting food, having conversations, laughing, enjoying each other, and Aunt Colleen crocheting.





Cozy family togetherness….such a blessing.




Sarah was in heaven, so to speak.  I hardly saw her all weekend because she was so busy with the girls.


We took one group picture (only one!) with my self timer before they left to go home.  (Rich was at work).



“Kindred spirits alone do not change with the changing years.”  LM Montgomery

10 thoughts on “long weekend

  1. So much love, joy, and togetherness here! I’ve always wanted a large family, and I really love reading and seeing the pictures of yours, Shanda. Blessings to you all, my friend!

  2. Sweet memories of childhood are something that lasts a lifetime. I love the picture of you and Colleen, and also the sibling picture of you and your brother and sister. Thank you for sharing your weekend! Can any weekend go wrong with that much bacon? Mmmmmm….

    I love reading about your family adventures. 🙂

  3. Looks like everyone had a grand time!
    Your home is lovely! So nice it could hold them all!!
    The dinners looked yummy too! 4 pounds of bacon!!! I could almost smell it cooking in my mind reading this!!
    We always have tons of fun with my cousins to when we all get together!
    Fun read and as always love all the pictures!!

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