davy’s birthday is today


Last night we had a house full of people for dinner and Bible study, so we decided to have David’s BIRTHDAY cake a day early.

Yes, 12 years ago today Rich and I welcomed our little David into our arms and lives.


Rich was gone this afternoon, watching Jacob and Ethan’s football game, so David and I went for a walk just the two of us.


A few weeks ago, he thoughtfully made me a detailed list for his birthday gifts.   Everything was on amazon.com, and he even gave me the monetary total of all requested items.


The Spiderman mask was one of his gifts.  He also received an instant-appearing magic wand, magic balls, invisible thread, and a trick pen.

He said to me on our walk that he is gaining a reputation at school because of his magic tricks.

He says that soon he will be able to make about five dollars by performing them.


He’s currently playing with the Spiderman lego set that his best friend Ryan gave him.


After I took this picture we sat down and read books up on the mountain.

Happy 12th birthday, David!


4 thoughts on “davy’s birthday is today

  1. I love your Birthday posts. They always make me want to cry. What smart, creative and thoughtful children you have. You are blessed!

    Happy Birthday, David! 🙂

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