having a lot of fun


We are having a good week…a perfect summertime week.  Busy fun mornings, sleepy hot afternoons, good dinners, and evening walks.

On Tuesday morning I wanted to go thrifting and convinced the children to come along to play at the park while I did so.  Jacob asked Emily, Ethan asked Zachary, and Grace asked Allie.  Thinking back on it, I have this joyful image of my big vehicle driving down the road shaking with so much energy and noise within it.  I stopped at Rite Aid to get drinks and 50% off summer toys, cheap plastic games just for a month or so of fun before they break.

When I got back to the park 45 minutes later they had red faces and were ready to go on to the next adventure: dollar sandwiches and 49 cent ice cream cones for anyone who wanted one  (we bought 6 and 10).

The cool, quiet library was our next stop, with three of the boys grabbing their bag of soccer balls out of the back and heading over to the school field to practice.

Back at home, we were spent from our morning of activity and ready to play games and watch a movie.


Somehow, being at Steve and Joanna’s recharged me like I was not expecting.  I have been “hostess” so much that I forgot the blessings of being a guest.  It was a blessing to be waited upon, thought about, provided for, and to be able to sit and OBSERVE a wonderful family and it’s workings.  Joanna in the kitchen, children playing, someone else’s baby in my arms……as I drove away on Sunday afternoon I was ready to do homemaker things again, for my own tribe.  And yet I was so tired of it all the week before!

This morning, I woke up earlier than the children.  Rich had already gone off to work after making me laugh because he said he liked the feel of my new organic tshirt (right).  He looked fresh and handsome after a shower and his work clothes; a short sleeved navy dress shirt and dress pants.  A kiss and a coffee.  I got up, made our bed, puttered around the room, showered and dressed.  By that time, Seth and Sarah were awake so I gave them their cheerios, let them watch Shaun the Sheep, and got busy making the real breakfast of hardboiled eggs, bacon, cut up cantaloupe, and pancakes.



Joanna gave me this long tie-around-the-waist apron which I wore for the first time as I did the kitchen dance.  It’s the longest one I’ve owned and it proved to be useful.  Not only did it give me an extra dose of “Susie Homemaker-ish” feelings, but it was also the perfect length to serve as a potholder and a way for me to open the dishwasher with a dirty hand.

As I popped cubes of melon in my mouth, I praised God for the morning and remembered again the delightful addictive feeling of satisfaction in serving my family.

They liked the breakfast, no one touched the eggs however.


This picture is from about a month ago, when Emily came over (for the first time, I think) and we went for a walk.  It’s so funny to see your son become someone he never was before – namely, a boyfriend.  He seems pretty good at it so far.   Emily is a sweet, fun girl and even went with us on a trip to NY two weeks ago.  She’s easygoing and not shy at all, makes me laugh, and has a ready laugh of her own.  She’s so good with all of Jacob’s siblings.  She and Grace went shopping the other day, she teases Ethan, Caleb, and David, and helps keep Seth and Sarah in line.  She’s going to camp with my children (and Rich) on Saturday.



The grass was taller than Sarah’s head in some places; Grace had to help her.


And then carry her.  My flowers amongst the flowers.


The boys were getting soaked in the stream and after a while, caught up with us again.  Seth got a ride on Ethan’s strong shoulders.

I LOVE TO SEE LOVE LIKE THIS between the children!


See how wet to the skin they are?  I bet that water felt good, I remember what a hot and humid day this was.



Seth and Sarah continue to enjoy their new two-wheelers, which have been the best summer entertainment for them of the year.  In fact, Seth’s training wheels are off and he’s doing very well on his own bike.  I love Sarah’s face in this picture (and the fact that her hair is actually fixed).


This is Joanna’s little girlie who is the same age as Sarah.  I showed Tsega a picture of my children and she looked, considered, and pointed to Sarah.   “I like her.”  she said, like she was choosing a new dress or something.


Do you grow your own herbs?  I have parsley and basil in my garden, and a pot of parsley on my kitchen windowsill.  Joanna has a garden and took a little basket out to gather herbs for a recipe.  We felt organic.  (see, gardening is satisfying and addictive, too).  I have such a small one that it’s actually FUN to weed it.  The other day David panicked and told me to get outside and plant cucumbers because “you forgot, MOM!!!!” “HOW will we make pickles?”  Laughing, I told him it was much too late to plant but we would get some at a stand when they are ready.


This morning’s adventure was the mall for a hair cut for Jacob and Seth.  Sarah went along, too.  We ate at Sonic for lunch.  Seth and Sarah both warned me that they did not want chicken fingers.  I ordered them Corn Dogs.  They both couldn’t believe it when they still got Chicken Fingers. It turned out that “Chicken Fingers” meant “Tater Tots”.  So confusing.

We had a downpour last night and the weather is clearer today, not as oppressive.  It feels nice to have the windows open and not be sticky.  Jacob is busy cleaning the porch and the boys are finishing up a movie.  I’m making “Cincinnati chili” over spaghetti for dinner tonight.  Tomorrow continues the busyness of getting ready for camp.  The children are all packed, tomorrow we will have guests spending the night and they will all leave bright and early Saturday morning for a week of Christian camping in New Hampshire.  As for me, I am going back home with the three younger children for a week of VBS at my old church.


“A life of peace gives life to the body……” Proverbs 14:30a

“For you created my utmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”  Psalm 138:13, 14

“I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”  Psalm 4:8

“Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  1 Thessalonians 4:16-18



5 thoughts on “having a lot of fun

  1. My favorite kind of post, walking along with you and the kids. The summer fields and flowers are so beautiful. So happy you are enjoying everyone and thing. I like how you also shared a bit more of your time with Joanna and family. Blessings on your sweet days, my friend.

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