now I see

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound

that saved a wretch like me

I once was lost but now am found

was blind but now I see.


My heart is so full that tears are ever ready today, after a weekend back home in my hometown.  I saw old familiar faces, felt their arms of love around me, heard words of encouragement and truth, celebrated young love, sung to favorite songs on the radio played loud, attended church, ate Country Store subs made by someone who knew who I was “back then”, travelled those old roads that lead back home, to the farm land, the parents, the aunts, the cousins, the friends.

Sadly, I was without my Rich, my companion and friend, lover, bed mate, and The One who has put me by his side for the last 21 years.  He was here at home with the little ones, but never far from my thoughts as I drove Grace, Sarah, Jacob, and Emily to NY for Cassandra’s bridal shower.  I sat behind the wheel and away we went on Saturday morning….driving around three hours to the church for the shower.  Emily said, she loved road trips.   And when she said that, it reminded me to enjoy it, too!

Once we arrived, Jacob and Emily walked on foot to the pizza place that Rich and I used to go to on dates, for lunch, and to the High School to explore the playground and stream (the school I attended, and Rich, too).  So crazy fun to see Jacob doing just the things we used to enjoy.  With his girlfriend.  (!!)

Grace, Sarah, and I had a wonderful time at the bridal shower, held for my future sister in law, who is marrying my youngest brother, Isaac.







“to love another person is to see the face of God”  ~ Les miserables

Isaac and Cassandra are so sweet together!!

After the shower, we picked up J and E and went to my mom and dad’s house for the rest of the day.

Jacob stayed the night with them while I took the girls to the Comfort Inn to sleep.

Sunday morning we checked out of the motel and went to church, meeting Jacob there.

It was so wonderful to sit next to Colleen, Jacob, Emily, Sarah, Grace, and Madeline for the service.  Church was a beautiful experience, to be back in my original church family made me remember so many things, and a wave of nostalgia swept over me.

After church we picked up subs and went back to mom and dad’s where we sat on the front porch and ate our food, while the rain poured down.  Emily and Sarah jumped in warm puddles in their bare feet.

We stayed until 6pm, and drove back home Sunday night, arriving safe and sound (and with a gorgeous golden sunset) at 10:30pm.


I saw a very cool fly from the blueberry patch at my parent’s house.  It was actually holding a tiny green bug in it’s jaws.  I’ve come to learn that if an insect stays still, and lets me get close, it’s usually because it doesn’t want to let go of it’s latest catch.


My mom with her little Granddaughter~



We all wore yellow shirts.


Sarah was so precious.  When she was tired she simply curled up with someone and slept.  Here she is on my lap.  Watching your own sleeping little one is one of the many “grace moments” in life.



Dad and Jacob played drums on Sunday afternoon.  OH HOW I LOVE MY DAD…….



We helped mom and dad with the gravel entry to the blueberry patch, in preparation for the wedding reception next month.

We also helped them get their bedroom ready for a remodel, looked through a lot of family photos, and did the things we always love to do; go for walks, talk, listen to music.  Oh, and Jacob showed his grandparents all of his card tricks and they were a very satisfying audience.

Thankful for:

a safe trip
a son learning to grow, and be a good example
creativity (he made a new recipe for pancakes by adding a tablespoon of cocoa powder to his Grandma’s recipe, and chocolate chips)
my husband coming home early from work and the time we were able to spend together, in quiet, in each other’s arms
the sight of sleeping pets (make the house so cozy)
rain (I went out and walked in it, why are we so afraid to get wet?) the pond was jumping with water drops
it curled my hair
watching Les Mis with Grace, and being awed once again by law and grace (without that taskmaster-law, we would never be overwhelmed with beautiful grace)!! I realized that this life is full of little law/grace pictures….that point to Jesus.
my five year old learning to ride his two wheeler and being so thoughtful in asking me to watch him, a lot
fresh peas in the garden
bachelor buttons beginning to bloom
a little girlie who wakes from her nap and immediately finds her mama
Mike taking Jacob, Grace, and Emily to VBS and saving us the trip
Ethan on vacation with Chris and Caroline and their children (his best friends)

and most of all……

God’s grace and salvation through Jesus Christ, Who miraculously opens blind eyes and turns cold hearts into hearts bursting with adoration for HIM, and this abundant life He gives.


One last picture before we got into the car to head home.


7 thoughts on “now I see

  1. What a sweet time..glad you got to go! Look forward to wedding pictures! 😉
    Love seeing your family and the precious times you get to share together!

  2. You are so good at sharing all the sweetness, the emotions, photos. Thanks, it was a sweet trip. We are so blessed to have had beautiful childhoods! Love to you my friend. ❤

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