Feelings pass like clouds but love endures like the sky. ~Peter Roberts




Isaac and Cassandra’s Engagement Shoot

My youngest brother is getting married in August to a beautiful Christian woman.  He is ready and eager for marriage, living single for the last few years has never seemed natural, and praise God he has found his love of a lifetime.  They are incredibly happy, to be around them is to be lifted up in their joy, it’s contagious.

I met my friend Joanna in college and almost 20 years down the road we are knit together in close friendship.  Both of us would say that *we would be a different person if we didn’t have the other in our life*.  She has grown me, loved me, taught me, inspired me.  She is a busy mom of five, and a talented photographer, too…

Isaac and Cassandra needed a photographer for their wedding and Joanna was so gracious to say yes to the opportunity.  It’s been a dream come true for us as friends, having her involved in a sweet family moment in the town and home-place that I grew up in.  I plan on helping her on the wedding day, and we can’t wait to work together.

Last Saturday, Joanna did an engagement shoot for them, in order to get to know them better before their big day.  I was here at home in Connecticut, but a piece of my heart was in rural New York with Isaac, Cassandra, and Joanna, since I knew exactly when they were taking these pictures.  I couldn’t wait to see the final outcome, and when Cass posted them all on Facebook yesterday I asked her if I could please share them here, with my blogging friends.

Who isn’t touched by young love, and the promise of a new beginning?  What will the years hold?

When I look at these photos, tears come to my eyes.  I love Joanna’s photography here; she worked like an angel in the background, making some magic in capturing images that Isaac and Cassandra will cherish forever.




















6 thoughts on “Feelings pass like clouds but love endures like the sky. ~Peter Roberts

  1. Such beautiful pictures. My favorite is the one in front to the stained glass. Joanna is an amazing photographer and I am sure the wedding pictures will be ones to treasure always.

  2. I love when I know both the groom and the bride and their families!! Cassie and Isaac are amazing together and it is really so fun to watch what God is doing. It is such a blessing to witness and to see how it is influencing the younger generation that look up to them! It is just so fun to watch!!

  3. I really enjoyed seeing these pictures. Your friend is an amazing photographer. Your brother and his fiance make a beautiful couple. I wish them all the happiness in the world!

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