a smile throughout

I took Grace to get her finger x-rayed and while I was there I continued reading my book, Kristin Lavransdatter.   I got to the part when the black plague struck and I took out my phone to look up “black plague” and read all about it, never saying a word to Grace about what I was researching.

HOURS LATER, we were home and I was cleaning the sink in the kitchen as Grace was reading in the recliner.  All of a sudden she piped up and commented on the book SHE was reading, “Oh.  How sad.  Her friend just died.  Of the black plague.”  I stopped what I was doing and stared at her.  “Did you know I was researching the black plague today?”  She laughed and said no.  She was telepathic.  (she said)  We laughed that we were both reading books that contained information about black death.  Of all things!

Her finger is fractured.  Sprained and fractured.  She feels much better knowing exactly what condition her finger is in.  It’s all wrapped up in a splint.  The doctor said it is such small injury that it will heal on it’s own.

I finished my 1108 (approximately) page book and I feel lost.  I’ll tell you more about it in another post.

Grace and I took Seth and Sarah on a walk in the woods this morning and I picked a tiny bouquet of sweet white violets.  They were tiny and beautiful, if I had time I would try to paint them.  I cooed over them in the forest, they were growing in a community together, and thanked God for small blessings like violets.

When I put Seth and Sarah to bed for naps I left and went to get my hair done.    A color and cut.

Grace and Ethan just left for youth group.

David is folding an origami boomerang.

I want to post pictures from Saturday, when my Mom and Dad were here.


That morning, while we were waiting for them to arrive, we went to the ball field for Caleb’s game.  Rich and Jacob were throwing a football back and forth, they like to throw it hard and fast at each other and Grace jumped in to intercept.  She jammed her finger and almost passed out.  We settled her down with her head in my lap while her Dad left to get food and drink for her.  Although I was sad she was hurt, it was a sweet time to baby my teenager.  As I stated earlier, it turns out the finger was fractured.  We are tired of the finger now.  It’s been the main attraction in Grace’s life for too many days.    🙂

A picture of the girls after Grace started perking up:  Oh dear, I’m noticing that Sarah Joy was in bare feet again, Nicole.







Caleb looked smart out there in the field.  Later on, I received a text from his coach asking me if it was okay to put Caleb’s name in the little local paper for being a good hitter.  🙂





I began feeling anxious that mom and dad would get to the house before we got home but praise the Lord we got there with 10 minutes to spare.  They brought Christmas presents because would you believe we haven’t gotten together with the family since Thanksgiving?  I was spoiled with new fiestaware and an adorable Vera Bradley apron.

I was mainly feeling spoiled just because THEY WERE THERE.



Mom painted Grace’s fingernails red and then I did Mom’s toes out on the porch.



Dad and Rich talked in the kitchen.  The curtain you see was given to me by Joanna.

Ethan is the blur.  I’m feeling terrible right now because I didn’t get a good picture of them (J and E) with their beloved grandparents.

The new apron is hanging of a cabinet knob on the bottom left edge of the picture:





Then, Dad and Ethan played guitar together.  I love this picture.



Dear Dad.



When I was in Jekyll with my parents this spring I admired my Mom’s Vera Bradley bag.  I kept my eyes open and as soon as I saw one I liked just as much, I bought it…..this was the first time they got together (our purses)…mine is the one in the back.  Isn’t it funny that they are so alike, yet different, just like Mother and Daughter?




Mom and I amused ourselves by going outside with the children…..Sarah never wanted Mom to stop swinging her.




Dear Mom:







With her little Sarah friend.  (frameworthy)



And, with the Caleb, too.  (another beautiful photo)  I love seeing LOVE.



Back inside, Dad got a dose of Charlie and Lola, as Sarah relaxed in his arms.  I guess the sun was in his eyes by the window.  🙂





At 6 we had to leave to get to the High School for Grace’s play.  Jacob, Ethan and David went with the grandparents while Rich and I went to get Grace’s flowers from the store.

I sat in the auditorium with my parents on one side of me.




And Rich (not pictured) and the kids on the other side of me.


Seth and Sarah, of course, were pretty much ON ME the entire time.  (slight exaggeration but true).


I don’t really like the lighting in this picture and also it was one of those moments where I felt cute but when I saw the photo I was like “oh, so that’s how it is”.  (not cute)

But it’s the only one of Rich and I with Grace, so it’s a keeper!





A cool cloud.  Thank you, God.


This was all on Saturday!  It was a full and glorious day!


PS, here is some good advice for you moms out there:  don’t buy toys.  just give them scotch tape and bandaids and the freedom to use them liberally.

9 thoughts on “a smile throughout

  1. I always like the pics with family, the love is easy to see! Hope that finger heals up well. Bob broke a bone in his hand and it healed in about 6 weeks. Your bags are cute, and so are you!

  2. Aren’t parents just great?? I love mine too and am so happy when they come to visit. Now I am busily researching the book you mentioned…can’t wait to read it!! 🙂

  3. I love reading about your busy days. FWIW, you always look cute. 🙂 I know how you feel, though. Your loving family melts my heart. You are so blessed. I’m glad to hear that Grace’s finger was only fractured. Praying for a quick recovery for her!

  4. A lovely weekend. I am glad Grace’s finger is not seriously broken and hope it heals quickly. I loved your post on her costumes. I can see how much fun it was.

  5. I hope Grace is mending nicely! I am a Vera Bradley fan as well..Love both your bags and patterns. So nice to be surrounded by family.

  6. Funny! But I was just researching the black plague too. I was learning about the Ebola virus, and I stumbled upon studies that are leaning toward believing the black plague was actually Ebola. There were arguments from both sides, people who believe it is and people who don’t…..it had me interested in learning more about the plague and wow! I’m glad we weren’t around then. However, the Ebola is just as scary!

    Violets are so pretty. We pressed a few yesterday afternoon.
    So glad you had a weekend with your parents.
    Hope Grace’s finger feels better soon.
    Your bag and apron are so cute. Vera Bradley….such beautiful prints.
    And you DO look cute in the picture!

    p.s. I haven’t been able to comment on all the posts on your blog…not sure why.
    But Grace looked beautiful in her play! 🙂

  7. laughing at your, “i felt cute but then saw the picture and thought that’s how it is!!” ;))) you ARE cute!! and i’m glad grace’s finger is okay. i love her spirit.. jumping in to intercept. atta girl. :))) and that shot of her in your lap – you’ll treasure that for years to come.

    happy wednesday shan. xo

  8. So glad that you were able to enjoy this time with your parents. Precious photos and memories indeed. I love how you savor God’s creation… violets and clouds. 🙂

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