Saturday to Tuesday




I cleaned the entire house all day on Friday.

On Saturday morning I woke up and we had four extra people in the house; our wonderful friend GB, with his three children.  (Rich had stayed up to welcome them).

I made baked oatmeal and roasted sausages drizzled with maple syrup for breakfast.

Big Mike (Jacob’s buddy and our “8th child”) arrived with Cardell and Jimmy.  Ethan S. arrived.

The kitchen and living room was filled with boys checking airsoft guns and ammo.

Trying on safety gear.

LOTS of teasing, talking, and laughing.



The 8 of them ran off into the woods, including Rich and Seth.

I saw Cardell and Seth, after a while, team up …. Cardell even picked him up in order to run faster into the woods.  So cute.

I went to go get Davy from his friend’s house, to take him to baseball practice.  I left him there to go back home.

In due time, I went back to the field to get him (15 minutes away) and took Seth with me.

Came back home…..for lunch that day we had sandwiches.

I put dinner in the crock pot; 2 pork tenderloins, a sliced onion, a sliced green pepper, and BBQ sauce.

Left at 1:30 with 8 year old Caleb.  He was going to a birthday party.  We went to the mall to get a gift and I dropped him off at the party.


While I was gone, the girls joined the guys for another airsoft battle.

GB left to take Myriah to her friend’s house.

I picked up Caleb, went to grocery store, went back home.

Meanwhile, Rich left to take Davy to a second ball practice.


I finished up dinner.  We had bbq pork sandwiches, cole slaw, and I can’t remember what else.



Mike made gallons of lemonade.  Jimmy took out the garbage.

GB got back in time for leftover dinner and then he got to work in the kitchen.  He made 2 lasagnas and a pan of ziti for us to eat after church on Sunday.


Billy-Cat kept trying to jump on the counter.

GB talked to me all about his new girlfriend.  (they are both christians) He has a great testimony.


All the kids hung out together…Dave was home again and in his pj’s in the rocking chair.

Everyone colored with little Sarah, including me.  I love coloring.  We had like six hands working on the same page.

Happy music was playing, we hummed or sang or whistled along.

I went to bed at about 9:30 and that was Saturday.


On Sunday we all got up and got ready for church.

GB sang a solo (what an amazing voice he has!!) and gave his testimony.

After church we came home to warm up dinner and tidy up the house.

Rich left to take Seth to his little league meet and greet.

Mike was here for dinner.


GB’s salad was made extra special with avocado, strawberries, and goat cheese.  It was delicious.

He had a job as a cook in his younger days.

He was in the Coast Guard, too.  This guy has lots of great stories.

The kids adore him from their camp in the summer.  Rich met him last year and they became good friends.


Sunday evening we had bible study.  I made a pan of brownies, a crumb cake, and a spinach-dip bread bowl.

The dog ran through the study and then Billy Cat jumped up on Gary’s lap (the pastor leading the study).

David and Daniel had made a big triple batch of Davy’s special pretzels and he begged to bake them up.

It was about 8:00 pm when we got started, everyone around made a pretzel.  I just had to laugh.

You roll out a gob of dough into a three foot long rope and then twist it into a big pretzel.  Then, you dip the raw pretzel into a baking soda bath, and bake it in the oven.  When they come out you brush melted butter on top.  YUM, SO SO GOOD!!!  The triple batch was entirely gone in no time.

GB played the camp video from last year.

Kids made a fire outside in the fire pit.

They had music playing outside and all the fellowship between them was so precious to hear….so much fun.

I went to bed around 10:30.  Ethan S and Caleb S spent the night; the kids all stayed up really really late.  I heard stories of Grace and Ethan S jumping in the pond at 10:30……and Myriah fell over wood while running in the dark and hurt her leg.  They were playing manhunt.


Yesterday, (MONDAY) GB left to go stay with Gary (our pastor and his good friend of 18 years) and his kids stayed here.  My own children have spring break.

They all spent a lot of time outside; the weather was GORGEOUS.  Davy caught tadpoles, crawfish, frog eggs.

I did my nails on the porch with kids surrounding me.  It was fun to have them here….we love to talk and laugh.

I feel like my brain is fried.  In a good way.  (I truly love these days)

Jacob had a track meet at 1.

I went grocery shopping, sipping an iced coffee as I shopped; the sugar and caffeine pepped me up.

Ethan had practice at 2:30.  His first after recovering from his yucky bronchitis/pneumonia type sickness (whatever it was)….

Grace had music at 1.

I took Emily with me to watch the meet and Myriah watched the other kids.  (thank you, m!!)

Rich came home at 5 to take Caleb and Seth to practice.

We had leftover pasta for dinner.

There was a lot of jumping on the trampoline.








I love this picture of Emily and the dog…..she was so good to him and he adored her.



Grace and I had to take Sammie to the vet’s this morning (TUESDAY) for her surgery.  She was supposed to go last week but we could not find her.  Rich has nicknamed her “Slinkie” for a reason-this morning she ran away from us AGAIN and got into her favorite hiding spot; the drop ceiling downstairs.  Jacob had to wake up and help us.  We disarranged the ceiling until we grabbed her.  We drove through the rain with tired eyes to the vet……..I got Grace a sandwich at McDonalds and we had a sweet time together first thing in the morning.

When we got back home I made scrambled eggs with cheese, ham, and toast for breakfast for the rest of us.


It’s been raining all day and the kids have watched two movies.  We watched Secondhand Lion while I folded socks, and they watched Spiderman while I finished up my bible study lesson and took a catnap in my room.

Myriah slept until 12 today….she was exhausted….the sweet girl needed some good sleep.

We had mozzarella sticks and melon for lunch, some of us had pb and j.

In a few hours our guests will be going to Youth Group with Jacob and Ethan and our visit with these delightful kids will be over.

Tonight another guest arrives; Erinn is spending the night with Grace here at our place.

I have to pick up the cat at 6:30.




GRACE:  it was either airsoft or watching our movie. that movie was fun.
JACOB:  it was probably airsoft.  either airsoft or manhunt
DAVE:  shrugs shoulders.  has nothing to say.
ETHAN:  taking a walk at 3 in the morning.  playing apples to apples.
CALEB:  when we got to play airsoft
SETH:  my first baseball practice
DANIEL:  playing airsoft
EMILY:  playing manhunt
SARAH:  playing in the bath with my ponies and these.
MYRIAH:  playing airsoft.  when i was president, that was the best.  people were trying to assassinate me.  and other people were trying to protect me.  staying up until 2:30


“I don’t wanna leave!  I don’t wanna go to NY!!”  Myriah

“I hate how when we get down to the last couple of hours we get desperate when we don’t know what to do.”  Jacob

“This game is addicting.” Jacob, playing a new app

“Did someone say they had an addiction?” Mother

“I’m addicted to breathing.  Every time I try to stop my head gets really light.” Grace offered.


I had to write all this down so that someday when my life is slow again I can look back on it and laugh.

12 thoughts on “Saturday to Tuesday

  1. Haha haha! Im glad someone else rides a Crazy train!;) Yes, I sure can relate. But ooh what a GOOD crazy!:)Family and friends, &wonderful memories!

  2. Such wonderful, full, days. You are so wonderful and hospitable. I know those are the memories that the kids will cherish. You had so much good food too! You must be tired after all that, but it sounded great! That trampoline is the best. Amazing that they have energy to burn with all the running around. I’m glad Grace had some girls in all those boys. 🙂

  3. I’m exhausted just reading about it! I can only imagine how you must feel about now. You’ll probably need a vacation after Spring Vacation. 😉 …but such fun memories you are making. I love reading about your adventures.

  4. What fun times with friends. Great memories made. All your food mentions made me extremely hungry… especially the soft pretzels. Yum! I love, love, love your fireplace.

  5. I read through this once, fast, sat down to read it again slower because Jacob said it was a good read, it was….I missed how you called me the 8th son ha ha I Love it…

    To add to the list of the favorite things i would say… this

    When we played the Air-Soft Game called Escort… Mariah played the President and Grace, Caleb, Ethan S and Daniel and Emily and myself played the Secret Service, our job was to safely deliver Mariah from one side of the trail to the other side… As we were walking, suddenly shots were fired from none other then David hiding below the bushes, so we all stopped and Ethan S ran up and shot him a few times, he was in a terrible position and had no chance on escaping without getting shot, so David was out for the remainder of that game, as we continued down the trail about another five minutes, suddenly a barrage of air-soft fire reigned down onto our position, Grace gave the command to get down low, but we could not stay for long, or we would surely lose our beloved President, soon i began to realize that, the enemy was approaching our position, and if i did not give a command soon, we would lose…

    With Quick thought, and not a moment to spare, i gave the command to run, and run fast, everyone started running fast and quickly, i stayed further behind then anyone, basically because i carry too much weight to run as fast, but luckliy that worked out in our favor, cause as i was running i heard a BB fly by my ear, as i turned around it was none other than Jacob, i had to act quickly or the president would be lost, so i raised my Air-soft gun, and shot my Dear Friend,

    It all happened to fast, and Jacob was upset cause he knew that because he was out, their was now no way for him to catch up to President Mariah….

    But that was not my favorite moment,

    My favorite moment was when i was walking though the woods and Jacob, Caleb and Myself were on one team, Jacob ran off to do his own thing, while Caleb stayed with me, we were walking silently as we could through the woods, suddenly i turned sharply around, it was the fearless Mr.Ives hiding behind a tree, I quickly motioned to Caleb to run further up behind a tree to gain a better advantage and to keep Caleb Safe, I yelled to Jacob, Your father is here, then i started laying down suppressive Air-soft fire to keep Mr, Ives distracted, while Jacob slowly advanced to Mr.Ives position, i began running out of bullets, but soon Jacob was close enough to take his shot, and took it he did, Mr. Ives was out and when i realized this i ran out and said, “that is the Payne-Ives Republic for ya”. it was a sweet victory winning against such a formidable opponent, however Mr. Ives had the last laugh when, we played Jacob and Myself against everyone else, however we did last nearly an hour hiding from everyone…

    All in All… it can be said that I did indeed enjoy this epic Weekend…

    Michael T Payne

    Sorry… i did get a little long – Winded

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