day 5: driftwood beach



Last day on Jekyll.

Driftwood beach.

Mom, Dad, and I drove around and parked at one of the trails for a nice, long walk.  Cameras and binoculors ’round our necks.


ripples of clouds in the sky


ripples of sand under our toes


old trees left standing the way the wind blew as they grew




along the beach are huge fallen trees, like a nature playground

the roots upended and weathered by salt water and time



at times it seemed we could go no further, but there was always a way (under, around, through, over)


glittering ocean foam


drips and drops leaving perfect circles



 message in the sand; thinking of my love










path to the shops

I endeavored to find a little something for each child; a tiny harmonica, shark tooth necklace, books, little tokens, for them to know “Mama thought of you.”



baby palms




lovely pottery shop


so much beauty in green and brown and pink




hanging spanish moss


last meal together before I had to go to the airport ~ with my dear Dad ~


the lovebirds


I am home-sweet-home again and Jekyll was last week’s memory.  I had such a refreshing vacation; I came back moving and thinking much slower, a good indication to me that the trip away was needed for my well-being.   It was my second visit to this place, and I understand, now, why my parents keep going back.  If you go once, more than likely you will feel the need to return, and I miss it today.  There is a lot to do on Jekyll for activities, but it’s also a good place to relax in nature, too.  I hope to go with my family someday, I know they will love it, too.

click here for more information on JEKYLL ISLAND


thought for today:

“This is my person, now indwell by the living Spirit of the living God.  I shall not permit it to be cramped and contaminated by exposing it to such dusty trivia as newspaper propaganda, pornography, cheap debasing literature, hours of low caliber television programs, or rubbish from the mass media.  Instead, God’s Spirit will lead me to expose myself to the finest art, literature, and music.  He will put me in situations where my mind can be improved and my soul stimulated with that which is beautiful and noble and lofty.  I can and will become a person of broad interests, noble aspirations, and enormous enthusiasm because I belong to Him and He wishes to put me out into wide fields of fruitful and useful endeavor ….”

“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”  John 10:10

9 thoughts on “day 5: driftwood beach

  1. Oh, you got to go back!! How very wonderful! If I had been in town that week I would have wanted to see you. 🙂 Being near the ocean has a way of refreshing the soul like nothing else in the world! Especially when it’s warm and sunny weather to go with it. 🙂

  2. i enjoy seeing your parents in your posts – they just seem like such sweet people! really love all your pictures from your trip with them. the driftwood is beautiful.. i always try to imagine all the things you could make with it. and i too am fascinated by the moss on the trees. going through GA a few wks ago we saw lots of it.

  3. How cool is that beach? I’ve never seen anything like it. Sweet pictures of you and your Dad, and your Dad and Mom. What a testament that they are still so in love. You are so blessed to have loving parents who still love each other. A good foundation is so important. You are blessed beyond measure.

    I so enjoyed reading about your vacation. I can only imagine how rejuvenated you feel having gotten away for awhile with time to pamper yourself, relax and hear your own thoughts. 🙂 …and what a lovely place to do it, too!

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