keeping busy (life of a little boy)

12 thoughts on “keeping busy (life of a little boy)”

  1. Oh dear! Seth! So happy for the outcome with the fire/toilet incident. That little guy keeps you on alert. And God gave him that little adorable face 🙂

  2. Wow….oh wow! This is hilarious since it’s not my own child, bahahahaha! He sounds like he is hysterical and fun and challenging and oh how CUTE he is too. Love all the pics. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. This is so funny. My mom read your blog early this morning and we were laughing on the phone talking about Seth and the burned up sock monkey…such a boy! For a while I had three brothers and three sons that were all one year apart from each other. The stories we could tell…and still can tell! The things boys do. 😉

    You are going to be so happy to have all this documented when your kids are all grown up.

    Happy Wednesday to you.

    1. Oh Liz, it’s just amazing what they come up with, isn’t it? I was going from yelling, to laughing, to almost crying, to praising God that Seth didn’t seriously burn himself (not even the tiniest burn, actually!). I would love to hear you and your Mom’s stories sometime! 🙂

  4. Oh Shanda! I’m glad you are all okay. I hope today is nice and quiet for you. As for Sarah in the tub being all done, I really think they have an internal alarm. You can ask them if they’re done a thousand times and they aren’t. So you start to do something and suddenly, they’re done.

  5. I was thinking about Seth on the drive home from school this morning, and Kurt from Sound of Music came to mind—the “incorrigible” one, but also adorable and lots of fun.

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