everything’s white



As the children were getting ready for school, I caught a glimpse of the sunrise so I went out on the porch to *take a picture*.  It was a stunner.

Red sky at morning, sailors take warning;
Red sky at night, sailors’ delight


From the same spot on the porch, I took this picture just half an hour later…because my little Sarah said, “It’s snowing, you need to go *take a picture*”!


She wanted to touch it and taste it.

The three of us went upstairs to her bed, which is right by the window, so we could watch the gentle snow come down.  We read Jan Brett’s Snowy Treasury  (highly recommended) while snuggled up in blankets.


Then, after lunch, I took them outside to make snow angels, to eat the snow, to touch it.


A Brave Hen ate some, too.  The other seven were confused and hesitant.









She was shaking the snow down.


She was really proud of her Snow Suit (which all my children have worn in turn).


There was an early dismissal!  This is handsome E, making a funny face as I snap his picture with my zoom lens.

I just had Jacob start the fire in the fireplace, and I’m kinda bummed because he and E made plans on the bus to go over to their friend Zach’s house for the rest of the day.  They said I can’t keep them to myself.  I did insist that Grace stay home.  She’s been gone so much with her singing programs that it will be nice to have her here all afternoon. Soon David and Caleb will arrive and I hope to watch a movie with them, either “Home Alone” or “The Chronicles of Narnia”.  I have gingerbread dough chilling in the fridge, so we can make cookies, too.

Oh, I made a good tuna casserole last night and the recipe is HERE.  The changes I made are as follows:  I doubled the recipe and used half chicken broth and half milk for the cream sauce.  I added a big scoop of cream cheese to the sauce, & omitted the peas and the bread crumb topping (only topped with cheddar cheese).  It was super good and a nice change for us, as I rarely make it anymore.  Grace said I used to make it all the time when she was in seventh grade.  LOL





11 thoughts on “everything’s white

  1. I love the snow pictures you take each year. Beautiful! And your tree….I love that you put it right in front of the window so you can see it from outside as well….pretty pretty pretty!

    Have a Merry Christmas Shanda!


  2. Ah..that snowsuit..and the little cutie wearing it! adorable! Precious, sweet days with all of your children at home ❤️. Your “winter” pictures are just breathtaking!

  3. Ahhhh, what beautiful winter!! I hope, someday, to live in a place again that has Winter. 🙂 Maybe it’s just the wonderful memories I have as a child and snow, but to me, snow is so magical! It’s just all SO lovely, and I’m happy to catch a glimpse of snow, even via internet. 🙂

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