family working weekend

Hello, dear friends, today has dawned bright and nippy cold.  I am glad to be inside, tucked under blankets by the window, with sunshine pouring through and Little Bear the movie playing on the tv.  Seth and Sarah are still in their warm pajamas, Seth with a Bionicle in his hands, and Sarah with her beloved blankie.

Wednesdays are a very full day for us, with a dash out the door (after lunches, baths, and helter-scelter) to drive to Community Bible Study, where there are children’s classes for Seth and Sarah, and a continuing study in Deuteronomy for myself.  I facilitate a small group, and then the classes go to the auditorium for a fabulous teaching time with Annie.  I have come to love Wednesdays because of the time I can spend with other believers, with so many other women of all walks of life.

After CBS was over (at 2:30), we went to Costco to stock up on lunch supplies.  I put Sarah Joy in the cart and proceeded to shop and keep track of adventurous Seth at the same time.  We ended with a cart as full as it could possibly be.  I caught myself complaining that I had to do a Costco trip to my friends at Bible Study, and my heart was convicted, how dare I complain when I should be praying thankgiving to God for my husband’s job, and the fact that I CAN EVEN GO TO COSTCO in the first place………….

When I got home, Grace and Caleb unloaded the groceries and helped put them away.  I poured meatballs and sauce into the crockpot and set it to “high” and then enjoyed the children.  We watched an old episode of “Reading Rainbow” on amazon prime, and before I knew it, it was time to get Jacob and Ethan from school.  Ethan had stayed after for a test, and Jacob had football practice.

We had dinner, Rich had to work late, and when he came home he found me on the couch with Dave, Caleb, Seth and Sarah cuddled up next to me.  I was reading aloud, and trying to stay awake.  🙂

Quotes from books (titles at the end of post) do you recognize them?

“This is a long tall mountain.  And you are the last car on the train.”

“One day Granny Annie made a pancake so light and fluffy it floated right off the skillet.”

“Billy was a little boy who loved horses more than anything else in the world.”

“On the fourth day, the squirrels brought six fat, black beetles for Mr. Brown.  They had wrapped each beetle in a leaf fastened with a pin made from a pine needle.”

“When the crowd saw that Harry was a dog, they gasped.  They could hardly believe their eyes.  All at once Harry began to jump higher than ever.”


Our cat Sherlock was so funny the other day, I had never had a cat sleep on my lap like this.


Seth has been difficult lately, just a very busy and not-really-meaning-it but very mischievous little boy.  So much so that we couldn’t leave him home with the others on date night, he had to come along so we could keep an eye on him.  He sat by me at dinner and when I asked Rich to take our picture, Seth turned to me with a smile, got ever closer, put his tiny arm around me……oh, and my heart melted, all was forgiven in his honest love.


Ethan came home from school on Monday and made mousse, yes mousse, completely from scratch.


Our overflowing with food-blessings, cart at Costco yesterday.  Can you spy, with your little eye, a silly Sarah hiding?

So, on Sunday, we felt some guilt because we stayed home from church.  Rich had rented a log splitter for the weekend and he needed to get his full use out of it so it was a family work weekend.  Both Saturday and Sunday were spent trying to catch up on things around the house.


Seth, washing windows

We made a list of things that had to get done.  Rich hung up curtains, and Ethan’s shelf that he made at school finally got hung.  It was a proud moment for E and he promptly put his dirty sneakers on it.


They stayed for the day and then were removed and I put a picture of Ethan there, instead of the shoes.


David washing windows.


Caleb used the granite cleaner; he was thrilled to discover we have granite countertops, as he is learning about rocks and minerals at school.  He loved making the counters shine (wearing a cape from Halloween).

Wood work



David and Caleb trying to get my sympathy.


I think he is so handsome; a quick little love story:  the other day, I don’t know why but I asked him as we cuddled on the couch, “Rich, what made you fall in love with me and know for sure you wanted to spend your whole life with me?”  He said, “Well, at first it was your long black hair, beautiful legs, and gorgeous body.  Then……………it was your long black hair, beautiful legs, and gorgeous body.”  He was laughing, and I laughed too, knowing that he was only half-teasing.  MEN!


Ethan with the axe.


And Jacob with the log splitter run by motor; this was so amazing to watch…the log, put in place by Jake, gets “pinched” with a wedge-end and it cracks down the length.   Most logs were so big that he had to run the same log’s pieces through it several times to get the right size for the fireplace.  It hums along, loud but not too loud, and I found myself standing and staring, it was soothing in a way, and I think Jacob enjoyed it, too.



He wore out his gloves.


and drank mountain dew.


Ethan getting ready for another swing.



Oh yeah that’s what I’m talking about!


Time for a snack of Mom’s homemade bread!


He did end up stealing the end of the loaf from the picnic table. So mad.


Rich thought I was funny perched importantly on my log and took the camera from me.




Yes, even Grace was put to work.



After they had a bucket full, Rich and Ethan drove it to the back of the garage to stack.


Rich wanted to get it all split, but at 3:30 I went outside to beg order him to please stop.  Ethan was relieved, but Jacob had a hard time stopping, too.  It was a very productive weekend.


The Little Red Caboose, by Marian Potter

The Jolly Pancake, by Donald Charles

Billy and Blaze, by C.W. Anderson

The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin (an adaption) by Beatrix Potter

Harry by the Sea, by Gene Zion


Thank you for stopping by the old blog and I hope each of you has a wonderful day.  My older children have a half day at school so it will be nice to see them earlier for a change.  I’ve been convicted about COMPLAINING and “bragging” about HOW BUSY I am, so if you would be so kind as to keep me in your prayers for these attitude adjustments?  Thank you, dears.

God bless any and all who read this today.

You are loved.

12 thoughts on “family working weekend

  1. I have never, ever thought of you as being a complainer, but I know how the conviction thing works. Just want you to know that you don’t come off that way.

    That is a PILE o’ logs. I’m sore just hearing about all of that work. Caleb cleaning in that cape is priceless. Made me smile. 🙂

    I just noticed that you got some bangs. 🙂 I like them! Precious story and picture of you and Seth.

    I received your sweet card in the mail, and it made me smile. 🙂 I Loved it! Thank you for thinking of me. It meant the world to me. You should find something in your mailbox next week sometime. I hope you like it.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    • You are right, Kara, I’m generally not a complainer-type but I do have my moments and there is a lot of it in the heart at times. I’m so glad you got the chicken-card! Yes, I cut the bangs, and I can’t wait to get your happy mail!

  2. Loved this post and reading the happenings around your home. I have two friends both battling diseases. One needs a liver transplant and the other just had breast cancer surgery and is going through chemo. I tend to complain about my life, and then realize that I have real high class problems :). We are human and to me, it’s part of my nature to look at my problems as serious. Just need to be convicted as well. You are always an inspiration to me and I look at the Costco cart and think..oh my, then realize you are blessed with a big, loving family. I hope the rest of the week is blessed!

    • Hi Jill. I’m so sorry about your friends and yes, that convicts me, too..when I start to complain in my heart and then stop to think of all the suffering going on. You are so right that sadly, it is human nature and as I am studying Deuteronomy I am determined NOT to be like the ancient Israelites, LOL! When we go to Costco, we buy a lot so we can store it in the freezer and pantry.
      Thanks so much for the comment! You have a good week, too, can’t believe it’s already Thursday!

  3. We had the same “feeling a bit guilty about not going to church” this past weekend while we were at Whitetail Trophy Hunt in Missouri. I enjoyed this post. Blessings on your week. Since we just got home after a week-and-a-half on the road, this feels a bit like a Monday.

  4. Well, as the risk of adding more Guilt, i dont mean to by any means so dont take it that way… Ethan S and myself stood outside last sunday right up to 10:36 waiting and hoping you all would come strolling in, I reminded Ethan that if the family were coming they would not be this late, but yet he had hope…

    I remember the first time you chopped word, Grace was helping and she was lifting big logs i was suprised by her strength

    The picture where Ethan is leaning over the counter, after making mousse, reminds me of Richard…

    All is well with the Family…

    And i am looking Forward to the Harvest Dinner this Sunday, I shall make an effort to watch your kids so you can stay longer and enjoy some Good Fellowship

    • Wow, Mike, way to make them feel even more guilty! Although it was a little cold standing out there staring down the street waiting, hoping, more waiting, and even more hoping…:):)

  5. A note about the love story, which I liked: your black hair and gorgeous body may have attracted your husband, and I’m sure it makes staying with you more enjoyable, but those attributes alone won’t hold any man for terribly long, and not through raising seven children! (Says a woman; maybe I don’t know.) I’m sure your sweet spirit and the way you love him and on him has a lot to do with the “living the rest of life with you” factor. Thanks for sharing your life and family in words and pictures. I enjoy reading your blog.

  6. I have been complaining myself about the continual need to restock our small refrigerator. I loved seeing your Costco cart—that would cost serious money here in Melbourne! One of the best things I have discovered is a company that shops and delivers from Costco. I have an order arriving later today. Hooray.

    I love the photo of Rich using the splitter with the sawdust flying.

    I think Seth and James might be distantly related …

  7. Wow, so many cozy fires stacked and ready to go! It’s great that everyone pitched in and got that much done over the weekend. I hope this weekend is a bit more relaxing for you.

  8. I love reading about your days! I can relate both to the idea of being exhausted about a Costco trip, and glad that you get to go buy the stuff when you need it. You’re not alone there, my dear!

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