the season’s first


The north wind doth blow


and we shall have snow,


and what shall poor robin do then?


poor thing?


He’ll sit in a barn


and keep himself warm


and hide his head under his wing,


poor thing.

nursery rhyme
in honor of
our first snow

10 thoughts on “the season’s first

  1. It’s beautiful! I loved your Fall, and look forward to enjoying your winter, too. 🙂 I’ll bet the snow makes your fireplace twice as nice. Your chickens look all cozy in their hen house. Sweet picture of David, too.

  2. I am sure your kids are thrilled! Enjoy, and please wish Grace a belated happy birthday from us. I missed that post until today—gorgeous photo of her looking over her shoulder.

  3. I woke up to this, which happens to be a college day… I said… Oh boy Snow Day, but then i saw the dusting and i proceeded to get ready for school.

  4. Oh how I love the snow … such sweet photos, Shanda!! We got a ‘spittin’ the other night, lol, but I’m longing for more of those beautiful white flakes! I haven’t been on for awhile due to some family health issues, but it’s good to catch up with you again! Hope you all have a blessed week!

    – Deborah <

    P.S. I miss the music I had on my site and wondered how you got yours here onto WordPress. I love what you have playing, by the way. I also need to read the instructions on how to move my Xanga posts over here from my .zip file, as well, and make my site more welcoming … love what you've done with yours! 🙂 I hope moving it won't be too difficult … I'm not all that tech savvy!!

  5. How beautiful! I always wondered if snow was still exciting even if you live in a place that gets it quite often. But I can tell by your sweet kids that, Yes, it’s still fun! Living in the southeast, snow is ALWAYS exciting for us because we rarely get to see it!

  6. Weather is so amazing. You’ve got your first snow, and I’m sitting here with my window open, hoping to cool it down in here because it was SO warm today!

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