life is good

Other than getting all choked up at the 9/11 news coverage, this has been such a wonderful morning.  I was sick at the end of last week and over the weekend, and it’s a blessing to have my energy back.  Seth and Sarah played together very well all morning.  I’ve decided  that 3 and 4 year olds are the best!  They can talk and imagine things and play for hours.  I’m already all sentimentally sad that this is their last year together before Seth starts school.
I tidied up like a Suzy Homemaker and my house is cleaner than normal, I feel grand.  Jacob texted me and said he forgot stuff so we buzzed downtown and then walked to the library together.  It is a hot and humid day today, the dog is currently passed out under my feet as I type and the little ones are napping with their library books. 

The hens were in the middle of bathtime when I arrived to get the eggs.  I love to watch them dust bathe, they scratch and fling dirt all over their feathers.

After some cool, rainy days I think they love lying in sunbeams, soaking up the rays.

The hen in the back ground is stretching.
Sometimes the eggs come home looking like this and I have to wash them up.
Today’s gatherings, so far.  Delicious, nutritious eggs.  It’s such a blessing to have them. 
Today was Mr. G’s last day selling his garden produce.  (Our neighbor)  He and his wife are selling their property and moving away.  I’m so sad.  The children and I have been walking down every summer for the last 7 years to buy his vegetables.  Today the sign says, “Last Day!  Thanks everybody, it’s been fun!”  I bought some things today, including 2 dozen ears of corn.  We’re having a big salad dinner tonight, with corn on the side.

The masons are finishing up their work on the fireplace and I can’t wait until they’re done because the dust! is awful…but they are doing such a great job and I love the stonework.
I made a blueberry coffeecake yesterday, so yummy!  I’m enjoying some coffee as I type.
In a Marigold Fiesta mug.

These are the books Seth and Sarah chose at the library.  Sarah says hers is called I am Absolutely a Potato, and Seth says his is I am Not Even Really Tired

They make me LAUGH.

15 thoughts on “life is good

  1. Your chickens are funny. Our warm weather is long gone. 48 degrees and raining. I like your chalkboard msg- it would be fitting here, but more as a caution. 😉 Your addition is looking good. Love the coffee (can't wait for a REAL cup) and the coffee cake. And Seth and Sarah are pure cuteness! Love to you all!

  2. That fireplace is BEAUTIFUL!!! Can you imagine christmas by that fireplace? The cozy lights of the xmas tree….a crackling fire casting its golden glow…the kittens curled up on a rug near by…your husband napping on the soft cushions of the couch gently snoring, the littles playing lego by his feet……..tender snowflakes descending on the property just outside your window….ah you will love that fireplace so much!!

  3. My 15-yr old son loves when you mention or show your chickens. I love your whole blog. The coffee cake, especially with blueberries, is making me hungry. As it's only 6:45am, I might have time to bake some muffins before work; I am sure the church ladies would enjoy a treat, and I just so happen to have a pint of blueberries.
    Were you the author of Algy and the Bulgy bear? That made me chuckle.
    The fireplace is looking good. I'm sure you will enjoy it much come winter time.
    I pray for good things for your neighbor Mr G. in his move, and May your new neighbors to come be as special in their own way, new friends for you and the children.

  4. three and four year olds ARE awesome! too bad they only stay that age for a year! This is my first year to have 7 hours, 2 days a
    week at home alone. (my baby is in 9th grade and goes to co-op those days) … Honestly, i never thought i would say this but…the quiet house
    is good until about noon… and then i miss that “noise” that is family :-). I love hearing about your days at home with your little ones.

  5. Always good to have a peak at “the girls”. Our friend brought us a big carton of eggs one week from the ranch she works at. They were so good!
    I am sad for you, that your nice neighbor is moving. Start praying God brings someone great. Hope you can all grow more and more yourselves.
    What a BEAUTIFUL fireplace. I look forward to seeing you all gathered around it. So cozy.

  6. Oh my goodness! The fireplace is going to be gorgeous! I love it.

    Nice looking chickens! There is something very peaceful about watching chickens do their thang. 🙂 …much better than a fish tank, IMHO.

    I love the smile on Sarah's face in the last picture. They are both cuties.

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