a new scedeale

Rich left for work at the same time the older kids left for school.  Grace started High School today, so we have one Freshman, one Sophomore, and one Junior this year.  They have grown up fast and beautifully. 
“Send them out with something to go for and something to come back for.  So you tie home to the school and school to the home.  Both gain new values in the eyes and minds of the children.”
“A child who cannot have freedom for growth cannot grow.”
(angelo patri)
I said “see you later!” to our three High School children and then went down to the boys’ room to wake up David and Caleb.  I found that David had put his clothes at the end of his bed with a written “scedeale” for himself.  One hopes that he learns how to spell “schedule” in fifth grade.  Caleb woke up ready for action, but I had to wake up Davy several times before he got up out of his nice comfortable bed.  They proceeded throughout the morning according to Davy’s list.

Origami is still all the rage in David’s life.  He folds paper every day and tries to teach Caleb, too.  But when he tried to teach him the Ninga star, he got frustrated that Caleb had problems focusing.  “Yeah, I can’t focus!” Caleb agreed.   One hopes that Caleb learns to focus in third grade.

They are really handsome.

14 thoughts on “a new scedeale

  1. They look so ready for this day to begin! Get ready momma for all of the first day of school stories they will tell you when they get back home! I miss those days, they went by too fast. Lynn

  2. Grace looks so nice! (Well all your kids do 🙂 And wow you have a junior this year. We will blink and you will be blogging about his first day of college. I liked the advice from yesterday, still true all these years later. Have a blessed day. I read your blog every day and enjoy it so.

  3. LOVE that he made a schedule. How cute! Hey, we have minecraft addicts over here too . . . I notice you didn't call anyone an addict but I've seen how that game affects its players firsthand! 😉

    3 in high school, whoo! Fun!

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