a nest display

10 thoughts on “a nest display”

  1. Shanda, let's hope the heat lets up soon. It just zaps all the energy out of us.

    Your son is so tall! My son too. It makes me happy and sad all at once.

  2. Hi! Ha…I just followed over to your blog from Gina's, close to the same time you did mine! I had to count your boys vs. girls at your header picture! I have 4 boys, 2 girls (girl, boys girl in that order). (Although it looks like my family might be around 15 years ahead of yours).

    And I looked and saw your strawberry picking post…and you mentioned in this, Costco, 5 guys..Home Depot…places I go to alot. Two of my boys used to sleep in our lower level. I paired the 2 older, and the 2 younger shared a room upstairs. It helped keep down the fighting to separate them..ha!

    I think it would be fun to make a little fairy garden. Probably expensive though.

  3. Oh, HERE you are! Now that I realize where you are I'll be watching for your posts. Sheez, the new blogs are so overwhelming! I'm still at xanga. they extended their deadline til the end of the month and I hope they make it! ha.

    Anyway, you've got some tall people in your household!

  4. LOVE the nest display. I think I have over 30 nests hidden around the house and in corners of the garden but I do not know what bird made them. I have some really small ones and often wonder! I am glad that you got together with your parents!!

  5. I love ivy climbing up! Our bougainvillea as climbing up the side of our home and I loved it! Unfortunately the gardener cut it down when we weren't home :(.

  6. I hope you feel better now. We use a dehumidifier down stairs at my mom's house. It is built against the dirt on one side, and has windows and the ocean on the other, so damp. My mom always liked having the distilled water as a by product for the iron.
    That outing looked so nice.

  7. Hope you are feeling better by now! Colds are miserable.

    I laughed at the picture of Jacob with your Father. 🙂 He has gotten so tall!

    It's so nice that you were able to meet your parents half way that day. What a sweet family you have. You are blessed.

  8. I love that nest display! How amazing that would look on display in a home! I've also seen some sweet fairy garden ideas on Pinterest and thought how much the kids would love to have one. I might try my hand at it. You will post pictures if you make on yourself won't you?!

    I finally added your blog to my Feedly read so now I can keep up with you on a more regular basis! Nursing gives me plenty of time to read blogs 🙂

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