igloo in july

12 thoughts on “igloo in july”

  1. He sounds like my middle one.
    Such a tender heart.
    He is now grown with five littles of his own.
    So…they do grow up and leave mama.
    Good looking cake.
    I could even manage that one.
    (I am so cake challenged!)

  2. He is so sweet! Glad he had such a wonderful birthday. That cake is awesome! What a neat idea to let them pick the kind of cake they want. You are a really sweet momma… Now get some rest today! Lynn

  3. Good day, Shanda! Your son has such a sweet smile in that picture. Happy birthday to him! My eldest daughter has a sensitive spirit like his.

    Love your igloo cake! So creative!

    I wanted to let you now that I was in need of a summer change so I will now be posting at Sweetbriar Cottage. I hope to see you there!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to dear Caleb. Yes, the boy that wanted me to read with him is a STAR READER! What a sweet heart he has. I think that sweetness and strength in a man is such a blessing. I can say I too have been blessed.
    A long day indeed. Great cake! And the foam swords sound like a win, win! blessings, Jenny

  5. This post made me cry. What a sweet, sweet boy. Love those tender hearts. His comments you have posted on this blog in the past have always made me laugh, too. 🙂

    Loved this post, and I have loved watching your children grow up on your blog.

    I laughed at the older kids watching Caleb open his presents. I remember that kind of 'early-morning' enthusiasm on Christmas Morning as a kid.

    Congratulations on the 'Gifted Reader'. That's awesome!

    Happy Birthday, Caleb!

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