Joanna (part 2)

How was everyone’s fourth of July?  We intended to travel back home but Grace woke up sick on the 4th and then on the 5th a fox got one of our chickens and they scattered all over the place and it’s SO very hot that we decided to just stay home and chill. 

Four of the hens are still missing.  Rich scared the fox and it dropped the hen, which survived the trauma, however, it is a mystery to us where the other hens have gone.  Caleb had just let them all out about 20 minutes before the fox appeared on the scene.  We wonder if perhaps some of the hens didn’t get shut up in the coop that night, but Dave insists that they were all there when he had the job of securing their door.  I always believe my children unless there is concrete proof to the contrary.  We have 12 hens left and I have to keep a close eye on them now that I know they are being hunted. They will have to be in their fenced in chicken yard, with no more free ranging unless it is the end of the day and I can watch them.  Rich said it was the biggest fox he has ever seen and that’s saying something with all his farming experience.

My sister called last night and said there were a few openings in their Youth Group for a Six Flags event,  including some Christian music concerts tonight.  They invited Jacob, Ethan, and Grace to go with Abbie.  We had planned to take them to the beach and Rich really believed that they would still choose The Beach Outing with Dad, over Chance of a Lifetime Six Flags experience.  Hmmmm, I knew what they would decide.  Ethan grinned ear to ear.  Rich, dazed, is currently driving them to Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jason’s house and I thought I would sit and post some more pictures from LAST WEEK (I just cannot believe it has been a week since Jo was here with the girls.)  Time flies.

We hung out on the front porch and I broke open my cherished lemon oreos.  I had to laugh when I noticed Parker persistently waiting for a chance to steal one.

I made a double batch of pancakes for breakfast on Saturday. 

We exchanged Christmas/Birthday gifts.  It was so fun to sit in my (messy) room and talk and open gifts….we browsed my bookshelves and simply enjoyed each other’s company with the kids running in and out.

Rich took the kids to Sunday School and I stayed behind with Joanna, to go to the service an hour later.  Coco and Seg looked so dear in their church dresses.

Those faces!  Trying to share the bubbles……

Dressed for church, me and my friend, I love this picture.

We went for a walk with Grace and she took this picture of us.

We had coffee and walked around downtown.  I took this picture of Chloe at the old park across the street.  I love all the stones.

Joanna with her baby girl. 

We had such a great weekend together and I’m so thankful for the time we shared.  We are going to try getting together more often now that the little ones are getting bigger and life isn’t QUITE as full. 

Okay…quick question…does anyone know how to remove warts?  My four year old just grew one on the palm of his hand and I’ve never had to deal with warts.  Any tried and true methods out there from another mom?  Thanks.

Have a great day, friends!

18 thoughts on “Joanna (part 2)

  1. Hey! It's Hannah(Bamsniko22407) from Xanga! Just wanted to let you know that I've moved over to Blogger as well. Follow me here:

    I have no idea how to remove warts, but I hear duct tape works. Good luck!!! And I look forward to continuing following along with you over here, because it's been so much fun getting to know you on Xanga.

  2. Especially beautiful photos in this post, Shanda! I loved them all. Unfortunately I have extensive experience with warts. We have had the most success with painting the wart medicine on, and then keeping the wart covered with waterproof tape (buy at the drugstore along with the medicine). The tape starves the wart. It might be hard for a younger child to keep it on 24/7 however. All the best!

  3. i heard duct tape works, but it can not be removed. I starves the wart of air and it will dry up and fall off. Not sure how long you have to leave the duct tape on.

  4. Shanda, I hope you will be able to visit with your friend again soon. Such precious moments. (Love the picture of Parker. He looks so patient but hopeful!)

  5. My daughter Finn had a wart on her hand. The pediatrician froze it and told us to scrape at it and we tried duct tape as well. It grew back. Do you know what finally worked? Tea Tree Oil. A friend recommended it. We applied it with a q-tip 3 times a day and kept it bandaged and within a couple weeks, it disappeared! That was three years ago and it hasn't come back since.

  6. What a terrible experience for your chickens! I know we won't be able to free range ours with the foxes, coyotes, and vultures around.

  7. Looks like a wonderful visit! If you don't mind me asking, is your friend's adopted daughter from Ethiopia? We are currently in the process of adopting from there, and she looks a lot like the pictures of Ethiopian children we have seen!

    Warts…funny you should ask. Just last night my friend and I were discussing essential oils. (I am a bit of a fanatic.)She said her daughter had a HUGE wart on her foot and nothing would get rid of it. Finally she put tree tea oil on it, and it dried up and fell off within a week! Might be worth a try.

  8. I don't know anything about warts. I'd have suggested going to a doctor and having him freeze it off, but I like the suggested cheaper home remedies above. I hope one works.

    oh, and I see your house is yellow. I grew up in a yellow house too 🙂

  9. I LOVE all of your pictures in this post. Joanna's little Seg is just too cute. I love her headbands and little dresses!

    I have heard mixed reviews about the duct didn't work for my sister. Now that I am typing this I am remembering she bought some special band-aid type things with medicine in them and they ended up working for her. I will ask her what she used and get back to you.

  10. Hi shanda! If it's still little, rubbing a banana peel on it twice a day is supposed to work. It did for one on my ankle in high school. The liquid wart remover seems to work the best. The cheapest store kind is no different. However on kids hands you probably should check with a dermatologist to see if there is something else causing them and to prevent others.

  11. Parkers intent look at the cookie just cracked me up for some reason. LOL. Your visit sounds so wonderful. I loved all the pictures you took together.

  12. Oh, these photos! Sometimes your photos take my breath away. I love them all, but love the lily pad picture, the picture of Chloe with the stones in the background, pictures of Joanna and her daughter, the little girls together…they touch me. I love it when photos do that. Being able to capture that is such a gift. I love seeing you with your sweet friend. You two look like you are still in college. 🙂 Such sweet pictures.

  13. I also forgot to add…I'm so sorry about your hens. 😦 Predators are one thing I've really worried about at the new place. I heard so many tales while I was up there about predators having gotten someone's ducks or chickens. I know it's the way of life in the country, but I still don't like it. Praying that fox doesn't come back to your place!

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