brownies and mud

No, it is not possible to be bored when you are a mother of young ones.  Exhausted, yes, but bored?  No.  Yesterday I had one of those crazy afternoons.  It started out just fine, I was in the house with Sarah Joy and was just turning on some music when the Schwan’s lady came.  The dog went crazy because sometimes she brings dog treats for him.  I put the dog out as I greeted her and she handed me the order book.  Moments later, Seth came in the house….with the dog again….we put the dog right back out and Seth announced that “Caleb is on the roof of the chicken coop and can’t get down!!”  After talking to him, with Robin the Schwan’s lady looking on, I realized Caleb was stuck in the loft and would be okay for a few minutes.  I sent Seth back outside and the dog pushed his way back in.  Robin let him promptly out the other door.

I sat down to look through the ordering book and the house phone rang.  I excused myself but couldn’t find the phone, “Oh just forget it.”  I sat back down.  Meanwhile, Sarah was jumping on the couch and being as charming and chatty as possible for Robin. 

My cell phone rang.  It was my husband.  He was at the oral surgeon’s with Jacob and needed our insurance information.  I excused myself to go find the card and read Rich the numbers.  I hung up the phone and was finally able to put in an order.  Robin  went outside to her truck to gather my purchases.  It was now pouring rain. 

After she came in, she was worried about Caleb and said she would go get him down.  The chicken coop is beyond the garage so we went outside, *Robin promptly getting scared out of her wits over a fake snake in the grass belonging to Caleb*, just in time to see Ethan and David coming from the woods COVERED in thick black mud. 

I mean, seriously!

One thing after another after another and I just find myself laughing!

The rain had stopped.  We stared at the boys walking toward us.  Robin said, “Go get your camera you need to get a picture of that.”
We could hear Caleb in the distance, yelling for assistance, and since Ethan had arrived, Robin left us, filled, no doubt, with enough action and stories for the day.

“I was at that lady’s house, you know the one with like 10 kids, and the dog was crazy, her son was stuck in a chicken coop and she didn’t do anything about it, her kids were in the woods covered in mud and I stepped on a fake snake and almost died!!!!!!!!!!”

After a struggle getting big Caleb down from the scary heights (he was petrified), Ethan and David insisted on showing me their mud hole.  They had originally decided to “pan for gold” in our stream but the mosquitoes were so bad that they resorted to rolling around in the mud instead.  They were already ankle deep in it, anyway.

I was in wet rubber flip flops and I slipped and almost fell as I followed them, carrying Sarah Joy through the woods. 

Sighing, I persevered and laughed as I saw the boys’ gleeful adventures, in head to toe warm MUD.

I get it, I totally get it.  If I wasn’t having such a frazzled moment, I MAY HAVE EVEN JOINED THEM.

They all went swimming to clean off and dare I say, as they were safely out of sight under the dark pond waters, the boys even stripped and swam in their wild skins. *oh my*

It was about 45 minutes of solid activity before things settled down again. 

Ethan and David, besides getting muddy, made brownies yesterday.

They were delicious beyond words.  Ethan got the recipe off a package of Andes mint baking chips.  All you have to do is bake a pan of brownies and when you pull them from the oven, you sprinkle the whole bag of chips on top.  After about 10 minutes the chips are melted and you spread the chocolate around like a frosting.  I ate 2 of them warm, standing in the middle of 5 dancing loud boys begging me to step away from the pan so they could get one, too.

16 thoughts on “brownies and mud

  1. I laughed so hard when you told about the lady and the snake. Poor woman, she sure didn't know what she was in for when she came to your house today. LOL Lynn

  2. I think that those of us who can relate to your crazy afternoon…are the ones who are smiling the most! Motherhood is the best cure for insomnia…it's delightfully exhausting 🙂

  3. This certainly brought a smile, and a laugh, to an otherwise boring day at my house!! Your pictures are great … and those brownies, along with the 5 dancing boys, sounds like a wonderful end to a very event-filled day! I'm just wondering if the Schwan lady will ever come back again! 😉

  4. Great, great post, I could picture all of it!!! Cannot believe how muddy they were! Looking at your last two posts make me miss you more!
    love, JO

  5. I was chuckling through this Shanda. My O my, the adventures of life as a mom. Love the muddy boys, AND a pond to clean off in.
    Love to all, Jenny

  6. LOL. The mud and the part about the exhausted frazzled mother takes me back to a childhood memory involving those same two things. Ha! We kids had so much fun in that mud and it felt soooo good!
    The brownies sound nummie!
    Happy day to you!
    Bobby Jo

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