it’s a double!

This was Monday.  In a matter of one hour the temperature dropped 20 degrees and the sky went from brilliant blue to stormy, dry to a deluge of rain showers. 

I had to take Ethan to a sports banquet, driving directly under the storm, with lightening flashing, but by the time I arrived back home 10 minutes later, the sun was shining through the rain and a rainbow  had appeared.  I parked the car, ran up the steps, threw open the door, ran through the house calling out to my family “there’s a beautiful rainbow!”, grabbed my camera, and took these pictures from the front porch……

my daughter Grace



“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”   Anne Frank

1 thought on “rainbow

  1. I love the picture of Grace with her hands up. I think I know what she is thinking.

    One of the reasons I want to live in the country is so that I can raise my arms like that, and to yell at the top of my lungs, “Thank you, Jesus, for this beautiful sunset, rainbow, the birds chirping, this beautiful land, etc.” without the whole neighborhood hearing me and thinking me to be nuttier than I they already do.

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