before and after ~ girl and boys






Sarah Joy’s bedroom needed a little tender loving care.  My goal for the weekend was to whip it back into order and cleanliness and to take the crib down.

This was somewhat of a milestone for Rich and I; it was the first time we took down a crib in over 16 years without another baby on the way to need it soon.

We were both a little sad.  I guess we’ve been putting it off, since Sarah is 3 years old now and perfectly capable of sleeping in her big girl bed.  It was high time.



Now that the crib is out, we gained all that floor space.  (see the kitten in Sarah’s arms-so cute!) 

She has a little kitchen, a dollhouse, and a crib for her baby dolls.  I put some extra dolls and clothes in her closet, out of sight– to be played with some other time.

Her big girl bed has bedding from Shabby Chic (Target), pillow and pillowcase from thrifting and antiquing, and (the best part) a homemade quilt by Hannah.

The paper turtle was something she made in Sunday School and it has a verse on it.

The black and white is a photo I took when she turned 6 months old.  I had it printed on canvas.

The heart picture over her bed was from a thrift store, as was the Princess rug.

The little girl-blue vintage poster (on dresser) was mine when I was a teenager–I bought it myself at an antique shop for a quarter.

This bookcase used to be at the end of her bed (in first picture) and we moved it across the room.

Grace helped me line the books up on the shelves.

I know my book loving friends will enjoy these next few pictures…they represent hours of reading and so many favorites.

Books are of extreme importance to me and I’ve had such fun over the years, adding good stories to our collections.

I buy and find them everywhere, thrift stores, library book sales, bookstores,


As soon as a child can hold a book I put them in their small hands.  Seth and Sarah, and their siblings, are given books at bedtime, always, beginning in babyhood.



The picture on the wall is from the book Blueberries for Sal.  Our copy was torn up so I saved my favorite illustration from it for wall-art….I love it!

I have a little box of junk jewelry that Sarah uses for dress up. The lid of buttons probably will not stay there, I had to pick up so many buttons off the floor and that’s where I was putting them. (They got into my button box a few weeks ago)…..also

a wooden picture book

a vintage song-box

a piggy change purse (she loves little purses)

and a bookmark with a Bible verse on it.

The blue mason jar has shells in it, and a sprig of artificial flowers.


Her room is painted a sage green from years ago when it was an office/homeschool room, but I’ve always thought green and pink were a pretty color combination.

We had fun working on it, and she has been playing so nicely now that her toys are all in the right spots.  I love to see her play quietly and sweetly in her own clean room.


Now, if that was a little too much girliness for ya, here is a “before and after” of the three little boys::






Haircuts!  I just cannot.stand.the.cuteness.




10 thoughts on “before and after ~ girl and boys

  1. Love the hair cuts! Nothing like a fresh hair cut during the heat of the summer, too.And Sarah’s room is adorable! She has gotten so big! I bet taking down that crib was very hard, indeed. I had a hard enough time tearing apart the nursery in order to prep it for Baby #2, so I can only imagine the mess I’ll be when the time comes to tear it down for a big girl room/play room and move on from cribs forever!!!

  2. Even though the boys all have their own look yet they all look alike too! You can tell they are brothers and you can definitely tell who their father is!Sarah is such a darling! I love her room. We went from two cribs to none and it was bittersweet. Oh the stages and phases of life! I am CONSCIOUSLY enjoying all of them now that I have learned how fast they pass. Guess what? We have a new little puppy named Ollie!I got your email, will be logging on with my laptop soon to add you… Am on my phone right now as I multitask. Puppy just stopped crying:) it’s like having a baby again and I’m loving it!

  3. Hi Shanda, I love the pics of Sarah’s new room and the boys with their haircuts. Of course, I love the books… We are getting ready for a three week trip back to North America, and my first priority has been to organize reading material, and audio books, for everyone! So nice to see you all in summer clothes …. love and hugs, Christie

  4. I love little boy hair cuts! I have one little boy growing his hair out, and it about drives this mama nuts, but he likes it that way. I’m being patient, as patient as an inpatient person can. ha.I keep dreading the taking down of Oliver’s crib. It’s looming in the not too distant future . . . I feel the mixed emotions about it! But now that he’s daytime potty trained, well the next thing is night time and he needs a big boy bed for that!

  5. Great Job MOM! I just did the same to my Girls room last week..clean, organize, and rearranged the furniture. Big Job but worth it in the end! Feel such a big accomplishment. It is nice to see them play so sweetly when their room is in order. 🙂

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