after the rain








































I took all these pictures on Saturday morning.  After two days of drenching rain, the skies cleared.  Rich and I went on a walk with the children and it was more exciting that usual because of the flooding of the stream….so over-full that water was up into the woods.  It was magical with the sun pouring down. 

The children saw so many little creatures on that day, two snakes, a mole, and a baby cardinal that was blown from it’s nest in the storms.  David held it and then put it back with it’s parents.  What a treat to see and wonder over God’s beautiful world.



“We have our all from the hand of God….if we have this thought as a golden thread running through all the comforts of every day; these are God’s gifts, every bit we eat, and every drop we drink is His mercy, every breath we draw, and every step we take is His mercy, this will keep us continually waiting upon Him….and will put a double sweetness into all our enjoyments.”  Matthew Henry, The Secret of Communion with God









21 thoughts on “after the rain

  1. Wow! So much water! How did they catch that mole? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone doing that, just b/c it’s hard to do. We’ve been sharing our house with a turtle this weekend, but I think later today I will return him to the great outdoors.

  2. I love the mole!!! How neat!!! And it all looks so lush and green after it rains. I wish we lived somewhere we could really roam around like you. It would be so much fun to be able to just wander outside and explore nature, without having to drive to a park.

  3. Oh my goodness! That’s a lot of rain. That’s really weird seeing it up into the woods like that. I loved seeing these pictures. I could almost smell the woods after the rain as I looked at them. I’ve never seen a mole before! So cute…and I love the daisy picture with the raindrops. That’s a nice shot of you, too. You look so young, and I love that shirt!

  4. wow, so much water! It is amazing to see the stream overflowing and with white water. Love the fungus/mushroom pic, and all the greenery. What a day out with the kids and all the finds. A Mole! so furry and soft looking. David was at the other computer and started laughing and clapping at all the scenes as he looked over my shoulder…”We need to visit in Spring/Summer!” We loved feeling like we were there with you

  5. Awesome photos, Shanda! I love the nature at your place there.Eeeewww … the snake! LOLDear Shanda – I want you to know that I move to WordPress and also at But I am getting active at Blogster for it is a simple use of blogging site. If you are interested to go there, just tell me. My Username is sherriedevaleria. Take care!

  6. YOU LET THEM BRING THAT SNAKE IN YOUR HOUSE????????? I guess when you have boys, you are more used to that sort of thing. YIKES! I loved the pictures! Your children are so rich with nature all around to be explored!

  7. @Thia7278 –  The mole was in my flower garden and the cat was after it. David noticed that it was near the surface of the ground and he dug it out, and pulled it right out of the ground. Unfortunately, the next morning he found it dead in the box they were keeping it in. So sad.

  8. @ABAHM – You all are welcome at anytime! So glad you liked the pictures and recognized the places. Ethan waded out to “our tree”–the one we walked to w/you, the fallen one over the stream–it was all flooded over and he got so cold. The stream is back in it’s banks now, but today is another rainy day.

  9. I have so enjoyed seeing pictures of you and your family and reading of your adventures. Did I see a picture of poison ivy in there? I have to admit I only glanced at the snake pictures and didn’t linger, though the looks of delight on the little boys’ faces when they saw the snake were priceless.

  10. David had a garter snake as a pet when gradeschool age. It kept him happy for hours. It was a lot of work keeping it fed with crickets and such. He would do his schoolwork with it twined around his arm, but we did have an aquarium with a good lid to keep him in, I was always afraid of him getting away! Poor mole, but I know they can do a lot of damage to the garden, because we have had them before! We noticed the tree we walked to, that is when I said how GREEN everything was, and the shirtless boy made me remark “Garden of Eden”. Should it be “Garden of Ethan?”

  11. I love that last quote. It’s so true!I’ve been praying for ‘spiritual experiences’ I want to SEE God more and realize his simple loving works in my life.
    Love the textures of nature that you capture. Exquisite! and your ‘critter’ pictures. I showed them to my son. He wishes he could find cool things like that. He’s been catching lots of garter snakes lately.
    The bread looks Yummy (previous post). 🙂 I’ve been making ours lately too, but I cheat and use the bread machine 🙂
    Have a lovely week, friend!

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