remembering the weekend



Oh my friends, it is a beautiful day here, only 64 degrees with a glowing sky, so blue, with just a cloud or two.  Cool breeze, dry air, very glorious indeed.  I worked in the garden a bit.  With the little ones playing around me, I planted a tomato plant, 4 cucumber hills, a row of marigolds, and a gathering of dusty pink zinnias.  Parker the dog was about, and so were the kittens and Snickers, the big cat.  It was a very pleasant time to work outside.  After writing here, I will plant some herbs and sunflowers…….

I wrote about Rich’s grandma’s funeral yesterday but I decided to put it in a private posting.  It was a beautiful service, we will all miss her very much, but are grateful to have shared a part of her life.  I knew her for over 20 years and I always came away from our visits wanting to be a better person.  Her greatest attribute was her loving spirit, she had a Jesus-filled heart, and I’m thankful that most of my children will be able to remember that.  She lived long enough to get to make an important impact on her great-grandchildren.

Rich, understandably, was emotionally drained after a long week of grieving, not sleeping, preparing a message for the funeral, and travelling with his crazy wife and busy children.  So, we were very pleased to be able to stay in the city for an extra day after the funeral service, to rest, enjoy the hotel pool, and the sights.  But, best of all, we had the happy opportunity to take the children to my Mom’s office, so she could give them a tour of where she spends her days as a secretary to the Judge.

The courthouse was within walking distance from our hotel and it was such fun to get there on our own two feet.  (18 feet, to be precise) 

We ate breakfast at the hotel before we left for our walk.  This is me, with my big loving boy CALEB.


While we waited for the rest of the family to catch up, I sat on a bench outside the hotel with David, Sarah Joy, and Caleb. 


Caleb didn’t like the noise of the city but we all enjoyed looking in the shop windows and seeing so many interesting things…so much activity, so many people!


We walked by the river.  This is a picture of the most wonderful little bookstore (“River Road Books”).  I walked there twice, once with the girls and the second time with the boys.  I bought myself the book Where’d you Go Bernadette, which I read in one day, it was a very light and quirky fiction novel.  I also got Below Stairs and I LOVED THAT BOOK SO MUCH.  Highly recommended.  I am currently reading her second book at a rapid pace. 

Seth and I gathered wild flowers to give to Grandma.  Actually, the bouquet began by Seth picking a red petunia from the hotel garden.  Rather than toss it away, we filled up his hand with flowers that grew by the edge of the river.  This picture melts my heart.  *those eyes*  *my smallest boy*


Mom’s office is big and airy with wonderful natural lighting.  She has it decorated with little personal touches like houseplants and blue glass in the windows, special vintage maps that she had framed, and photographs.  We works at a big desk with two computer monitors.  We talked with the Judge, and with Fran, and then Mom was able to take some time to show the children the building.  Courthouses are so interesting and it was a thrill for the kids to see and explore.  After we were done, we had a group photo taken outside.  I was all set to take it when a kind lady approached and offered to take the picture so I could be in it, too. 

Rich and I walked the children back to the hotel, and at lunchtime, I met Mom at a café and we ate lunch, just the two of us.  It was such a treat.  Afterwards, I walked her back to the office and I took a little walk around the city until I almost got knocked over by a crazy runner who turned out to be my husband, out for a run while Jacob was babysitting the others……he didn’t even notice me until I yelled RICH RICH very loudly and then he turned around and graciously gave up the last 2 tenths of his run so we could walk back together.  heart


Later that evening, we went to Mom and Dad’s for a pizza dinner.  Uncle Dave played catch with the little boys and Seth is still trying to teach his Dad how to catch, according to the advice Uncle Dave gave him. 

Mom took us around to see the gardens and then down into the woods to see where they are having a pond built, and to see the creek.

The buttercups were in bloom.


Jacob found a cool mushroom and picked it off a tree for us to see.


Years ago, whenever a cow died on the farm, my Grandpa would drag it off into the woods to decay.  Well, we happened upon an old set of bones on our walk, and I was less than thrilled when the boys not only touched them, but took some of them home in a bag.  These particular cow bones (I did not take a picture) were probably 20 years old and completely gray, moldy, and dirty.  Jacob and Ethan thought they were so fascinating that they insisted on bringing them back.  It just so happens now, that at random moments, I see the dog sauntering by with one of them in his mouth.  (there are about 3 or 4)  Who would have guessed the dog would enjoy a 20 year old cow bone that’s been outside in the woods for all that time? 


We left to go back home on Saturday morning but first we ate breakfast at Crackerbarrel.  I was at the other end of the table and just had to take a picture of the boys reading their new books (Jacob: a book about Rocks, Ethan:  I am the Messenger)

Across from me, I saw this sight……

Yum, that breakfast was good!





So, all in all, it was a full and satisfying weekend.  We saw almost every single family member, an amazing experience/accomplishment in itself.  We got back in time to relax, I stayed home from church with the youngest ones on Sunday. Now that it’s Tuesday I have almost all the laundry caught up and house put back together….in fact, it’s the perfect weather to hang clothes on the line.  I will go do that now, and I just remembered I need to refill the hummingbird feeders.  I also have some seeds to plant……..what a wonderful and interesting time of year it is. 


Blessings and love to you and yours!





13 thoughts on “remembering the weekend

  1. Your smallest boy is really growing up — as is the rest of your family..  I love that you had a chance to take them to your mom’s office, and to spend time with your family too1

  2. I am glad you were able to have a nice service for Rick’s grandmother. My condolences. I was pleased my children were able to be born with great grandmothers, and we even have a pic of my eldest with his great great grandmother, though he was just a baby and doesn’t remember her. Family is a blessing and they have so many stories they can share, stories of times that were different than today. My great grandmother was born New Year’s eve 1899. She lived 98yrs. We’d hoped she would live to make it into the 2000’s and have her toes in 3 millenia, a feat most never could hope to experience.Your family blogs are so refreshing and kind. You have a wonderful family, so kind and loving, and adventurous. I enjoyed reading about the 20-yr old cow bones.With Xanga closing, and not knowing how to send you a private message, I kindly ask if you could start a PM to me because I have wanted to talk to you privately for a time now, and to possibly share addresses (email or otherwise). I wanted to send your family a card/small trinket gifts for the kids before, yet didn’t know where to. I have relatives in upstate CT and perhaps someday when I travel north again (I’m now residing in FL), then we could meet up somewhere. Thank you in advance, Crystal.

  3. I’m glad ya’ll had a safe and great trip! I’m sorry to hear about his grandmother 😦 I loved all the photos! I’m so sad that my folks are traveling to NY to visit our family in just a week! Unfortunately, my little family can’t go because I’m too close to my due date to be traveling across the country on a plane. My family is from upstate NY, namely the Syracuse area. I know there is all this talk of closing Xanga going on, and just in case we do lose the site, I would love to keep in touch still. I just love your posts! I am considering moving over to Blogger, since that is where most folks seem to be going. Are you moving your blog elsewhere? Or are you on Facebook?

  4. So glad you had time to rest and enjoy family while in NY. A blessing to share in your mom’s work environment and picture her there. I am sure she must have been so proud and happy to have you all. Thinking of you all a lot of late. The kids are all growing like weeds, and I know they all seem to grow even more over summer!

  5. Xanga is closing? Are you moving your blog? I don’t know what I will do without your blog. It will feel like a death in the family…seriously. :(What a beautiful compliment to say that Grandma made you walk away wanting to be a better person and that she had a Jesus-filled heart. That is the way I always feel when I read books by Corrie Ten Boom…especially the books beyond ‘The Hiding Place’. Was Grandma a little bit like that? That’s what I want…but I’m nowhere close.I wish I had your beautiful weather. It’s 94 degrees here right now.I love reading posts about your beautiful, love-filled, happy family. Please tell me that you are going to continue your blog somewhere else if Xanga closes.PS: Sweet picture of you and Caleb….Oh…they are all sweet! Hard to comment on just one picture.

  6. Seth and the flowers!!!! I want to hug that picture! Oh, and the story of the boys finding the old cow bones….ew! Fascinating post, my friend!

  7. i’ve not been on xanga lately. so, it was fun to come by and see what you all have been up to. and, i too hope that you keep blogging somewhere if xanga does bite the dust. i LOVE your blogging Shanda! you’ve always been a great encouragement to me!♥

  8. I think that means I cannot see the private post because I have not clue how to sign into Mymeanderings now that Steve changed it! LOL! I will miss reading your words! I see OUR cracker barrel! Is she in the same office I went to?So cool that they are building a pond. Of everything in the post I stayed on the picture of Caleb covering his ears for a long time. He is so so so so blessed to be growing up where what he hears is all natural and beautiful, crickets, frogs, birds…Love you my friend!

  9. How nice you were able to visit your mom at work, I bet she loved having all of you. And then a lunch just the two of you? Lovely!I am agreeing with Rachel, love your encouraging blog! :)Happy Wednesday to you. and yes, if xanga no longer stays around…hope you blog elsewhere!

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